Dream Journal: Nosebleeds and Cooking?

I don’t remember this one very well, probably because I’ve been awake for about 30 minutes and I should recorded this one when it was still fresh, but I’ll put down what I remember.

This dream involved my ex-boyfriend Jimmy. I’ve actually had a few dreams about him, and all of them stick out in my memory. I think the last time I dreamed about it him involved us living together in a kind of creepier version of his apartment, except that it was by the sea, and I think there may have been mermaids involved. There was also a raucus party, a big downhill slope like the one at his apartment, and I seem to remember being behind a curtain, or some kind of secret passage, and I was there with a guy while he was doing something important. I can’t remember what, though.

But that was the dreams from last time. This time, Jimmy and I lived in an apartment again, one of his two rommates from real life (the one I don’t like) was living there with us, and this time instead of being modeled after his real apartment, it was modeled after the apartment my grandmother lived in before she died. Almost to complete the thought of it being my grandmother’s apartment, Wheel of Fortune was on TV. The roommate was sitting on the couch, I’m pretty sure she was saying or doing something aggravating.

So I don’t remember much, except that at some point there was cooking happening, and there seemed to be multiple people in the kitchen, and I believe I was the one doing the cooking, but I can’t remember if it was Jimmy or the roommate or both who were in the kitchen with me. At another point I was in Jimmy’s bedroom with him and he was telling me that every time he’d gone to visit his parents, it had been in Cramerton, which is near where I live. So I was confused as to why he never told me so that he could come see me when he was in the area.

Really, the last thing that happened is the strangest. He sort of got a nosebleed, except it wasn’t really coming from his nose. It was running down underneath his nose, but the source was on his forehead, and what was coming out wasn’t blood, but this greenish-yellow gook. I was trying to wipe it off of him with tissues, but there was a lot and I was going through tissues. He didn’t seem to be upset at all, he was just talking to me as I was wiping the gunk off of him.