Ice Fairies

Hi guys.

(He said, as though his blog were read my millions)

I’ve been meaning to post a LOT here lately. Like, I spend nine hours every day at work thinking about what I want to write on my blog when I get home. But then I get home and I’m just fucking TIRED.

I know, nine hours at work? What? Well, adoring reader who doesn’t really exist, I know that I haven’t spoken about what’s been happening in my life in a good long while. I’ve wanted to sit down and talk about it, but there’s just been SO much.

I tried recording a vlog at the beach, but I honestly look terrible in it, as I had spent the previous night inebriated and I was forward-lit by the beautiful light of the rising sun on over the ocean. But I might still post it. Who knows.

My plan was to write every day. And not just in the way that I’ve told myself I’m going to write every day before, but like, number the blog entries, and just write SOMETHING on this blog every single day.

I had a big weekend. An upsetting weekend. A lot of new experiences. Some not too great ones. I think next weekend I will try something simple, like going to see Star Wars by myself and then coming home to read and/or write. Too much out-and-about time for this social anxiety carrier.

There’s still a lot to talk about. I haven’t even told the story. But for now, I wanted to write this, to update this blog (and perhaps the very few people who ever read it’s contents. Sidebar: if you DO read the blog, please leave me a comment now and again. I’ve had this thing for six years and only ever received comments from like nine different people), and to share a poem that I wrote on a notepad document a few days ago when I was supposed to be busy doing other things. I know the grammar in it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that is the beauty of free verse poetry, right? Here we go.


The Ice Fairy

Her wings were autumn leaves which wilted in the winter
Her sugared tears in silent peace fell on the frozen river
She sought her sister in the darkness waiting for a beacon
She found no light and carried on, her legs cold worn and beaten
She loved another child of wood and fell like death upon her
And waking found no sleeping sound, a white cold fallen haunter
Walking through the falling snow her cold feet stiff and naked
They offered her possession she determined not to take them
Her ragged breath and silent sighs were meaningless and transient
Her swollen lips and drying eyes she carried like a blanket
She kept her soul between her breasts and crossed her arms and held her chest
Across the fields of water walked she, on the ice of rivers crossed she
To a cavern in the mountains warm and dark and filthy
She rolled in mud to warm her limbs and lost the will to stop her sleep
As she slumbered, came her lover, wisps of tender flesh she
And laid down by her, kissed her breasts and warmed her heart completely
Wings of leaves sprouted once again she came again to life, hot
Opened eyes and saw the clever face of love who ne’er forgot
Spring came forth, the tundra melted, rivers flowed to water
The fairies danced out of their cavern, love she ne’er forgot her
Love, she ne’er forgot her