As of this moment
I have nothing else to say
My words can only hurt
No matter how I try
My voice is one of anger
My words are biting swords
So take my tongue away for now
I don’t need it anymore
I’m done talking
Done singing
Done trying to make anyone understand
Done caring
Done reasoning
Done with being who I am
As of this moment
I become silent
No more wishes or songs or caring or trying or believing
I’m through, finished and defeated
I’ve said my peace and now I’m done
And if anyone asks for me just tell tell them
I don’t remember, he was no one
He was no one
Done with believing in a future where my dreams come true
Done wanting better for myself than what my mother did
Done trying to be someone worth remembering
And done feeling special like I always have
Done remembering my first love
Tired of fighting to wake up every day
Done believing in a family beyond my walls
Tired of making up stories about how life could be
It’s time I knew my place
It’s time I shut my mouth
It’s time I sit down in the corner
It’s time I took off the hat
It’s time I sat silent
It’s time I resigned
I’m so tired in so many ways
And this time, it’s time, I’m not fine
But I’m quiet
Done taking
Through wishing
Done hoping
Done trying
I’m finished