The Father, The Son, and a Ghost With Holes

The Father, The Son, and a Ghost With Holes

The father the son and a ghost with holes

My brain is burning

I don’t forgive you

I don’t have to love you

I don’t want to honor you

I damn sure won’t forgive you daddy

I’m not asking going to ask why daddy why

Didn’t you just love me

‘Cause that is too plebeian

And I’m better than you’d  want me to be

Get out of my head

I haven’t heard your voice in sixteen years

Maybe in another forty

I can muster up some pity tears

When you are lying on your deathbed

Why should I come crying to you

What have you ever done

To earn a good night’s sleep

Just tell her sorry, wait you can’t

‘Cause she is dead

But you lived on inside her head

She couldn’t take the lord’s own dinner

With the memories of you in her

Die and let me live in peace

I don’t wanna think about you again

I don’t want to think of my sister

Wearing my exact same grin

I hate to see myself crack a smile

‘Cause I look just like you

You’ve robbed enough smiles

I won’t smile for two

I have got to love sometime

So quit your nagging in my skull

Let me go I’ll hate you

And we’ll come to an agreement father

When your father lowed your into the coals you died

You saw me in my crib and told her

You wanted to make me cry

The way your father made you

And your closet isn’t big enough for two

I can’t forget you ’cause you’re eating up my insides

Go away my father off into the other lands

And you’ll have death and I’ll have peace

But wait, I’ll never have that

Thank you for the broken soul the heart that doesn’t work

The body bruised the mind that’s scared the dick that’s tainted and most of all

The tongue that speakings of wanting to hurt

Wanting to kill wanting to destroy

You’ve gone and done it

And made me ill

But I was just a little boy

Goodbye father goodbye son

Goodbye ghost with holes