Trumpet Sounds

When my hands are shaking
And I can’t stand
I feel your breath in my ear
Even though you’ve never seen me
I wish that I was where you are
But time and distance are cruel
And in this connected world
We are as Victorian as ever
I have no horse to mount
No boots to strap on
I have no road to travel
And no hope to carry me forward
I have no dream of my lover’s lips to propel me
And no reason for staying where I am
I’d like to run away but where would I go?
I’d rather live in darkness than be alone in light

No One’s Looking

I’m tired of watching good things happen to other people
I’m tired of standing outside the fence and watching the other kids play
My body is tired and my head hurts
Bumps are rising across my body and I’m tired of wanting, tired of trying, tired of waiting, tired of hoping
Sometimes I pretend that I stopped breathing for just a few seconds
No one’s looking