Do Not Go Quietly


We failed. Capitalism failed, America failed, hope failed, education failed, reason failed. I wish I could be optimistic and tell you that this won’t be the end of us, and I don’t think it will be the complete end. But if you want to know what I truly feel:

For the first time in my life I am terrified for my future. I’m afraid of the country I live in, I’m afraid of its leaders, I’m afraid of its policies, I’m afraid of its people, I’m afraid of its ideas, and I’m afraid of its structure. I do not know what the future holds, but truthfully I see a hurricane on its way, and when we had the power to prevent the hurricane or escape from it, we chose to do nothing, and now as a nation, we will face the consequences.

Donald Trump is a caricature of the wqy the rest of the world sees America, of the way minorities see people in power. He represents literally everything wrong in our system, twisted in our national consciousness. He is like a ghost of our past that haunts us with the bigotry, racism, homophobia, xenophobia, and transparent sociopathic false politeness. He is the personified grown man infant, and he is now one of the most powerful human beings on the planet.

America does not belong to Donald Trump. He is not a king. But he THINKS he is. And that will make all the difference. The time for playing nice with Donald Trump was over long ago, but now it’s time to fight this bully and expose the coward he is. The rapist. The mogul who values money over life. The spoiled rich brat who started his career with a million dollars of his daddy’s money. The illiterate author who hasn’t written a single one of his books.

I am afraid for the future, and I’m afraid of America. But we must not be afraid of Donald Trump. I’ve said this from the beginning: he only has power if you BELIEVE he has power. He’s like a fear demon who you can look in the eye and say “I’m not afraid of you,” and he will have no more fear to feed on. So what do we do about his ACTUAL power, as president?

Break him. Oppose him. Fight him. Refuse to let him muzzle you, refuse to let him wrap chains around you or throw you in a Muslim internment camp. Stand up and shout as one, “The America of yesterday is a dream that has passed, the America of tomorrow belongs not to the rich or the selfish, but to the people, to their needs, to their future, to their hope for happiness.”

Speak. Question. Do not relent. The fight is only beginning. Steel yourself for the tidal wave. Maybe we won’t all make it through. But we have to try. Do not go silently, do not abandon hope.