No Pieces Of Paper In The Way

All I Have

Some people you get over and
Some you don’t
I guess you’re the one I won’t ever be over
And I just have to
Learn to live with that

Josh Farro Pisses Me Off

I realize I’m behind the times on this one, but if you didn’t know, Paramore broke up. I’m not the Paramore fan I was back in 2008, but I have to say their music remains part of a very special time in my life, so Paramore will have a spot in my heart. Back when I was a para-whore, I had a huge crush on mega sexy guitarist, Josh Farro.

Ex-Paramore guitarist and stud-muffin Josh Farro.

The insane amount of bible-belt Christianity exuding from said guitarist is overwhelming. I just finished reading the “exit statement” he wrote on behalf of he and his brother, Zac Farro. Since they both left Paramore, I guess it isn’t technically proper to say the band broke up, but two of the strongest links (if not the strongest when you consider ability with instruments) have left.

But back to the blog he wrote. Basically, he’s saying that Paramore is all about Hayley. And I agree. And he explains the way things really went down, and in truth, it’s always been about Hayley. Could that be because Hayley is the one who writes all the lyrics, provides all the stage-presence, and is the only singer? Yes, most likely. So, I’m on both of their sides. I think the brothers are perfectly within their rights to leave the band when it’s really not a band so much as Hayley and the Pips (dear god I’m paraphrasing Glee, what has happened to me?). I also think that Hayley is talented enough that she deserves to have the focus centered on her, she IS Paramore, just the way that Amy Lee is Evanescence. However, what happened to Evanescence will probably happen to Paramore, if it hasn’t already, which is that with the strong musicians backing the lead vocalist gone, the band’s sound will lose all of it’s heart. But that’s alright, the arrangement is probably for the best on all ends of the spectrum.

The thing that bothered me so much about Josh’s blog was how… pious it was. It was just seething with indoctrination. He would randomly quote Bible verses in the middle of a paragraph, at the end he mentioned something about the brothers doing what “God leads them” to do, and even ending the blog with the sign off: “to God be the glory.”

Look, here’s the fact of the matter. I’ve been a Christian. It is not a pretty cross to bear (oh, wordplay). You’re told that everything in the entire universe breaks down into two categories: black and white. What gets you into Heaven, and what gets you into Hell. What is good, and what is bad, what God likes, and what he doesn’t. And so, you find yourself seeing the world through a hazy veil of what some people’s opinions of “right” and “wrong” are, and when you hear lyrics like “God does it feel so good, ’cause I got him where I want him now,” or “the truth never set me free, so I did it myself,” you’ve been taught to think that those things are blasphemous, and you start to fear that if you don’t FIGHT those lyrics, or those ideas, that you’ve disgraced God, that you’ve become a sinner, that you’ve lost points and have now committed a sin worthy of sending you to hell, and you must be forgiven, and never even THINK about listening to those lyrics again, lest you be cast into the barn and stomped on the threshing floor and burned with unquenchable fire.

Or something like that.

You think I’m being over dramatic, but I’m not. This is how the organization works. Don’t believe me? Go tell someone you want to be a Christian. Experience the process. Devote a couple of months to learning the way Christians think. They maipulate people. That’s the problem with religions like Christianity, and organized religion as a whole: there’s no balance. There’s no love of the self. There’s no concept of the Divine being within. It’s all about abandonment of personal responsibility.

My whole point here was no that I had a problem with Paramore splitting up, because I think Josh and Zac Farro had good reasons for leaving the band. The thing that bothers me is how pompously Christian the blog about leaving the band is. Because he knew when we was typing all that Bible stuff, that people were going to pat him on the back and say “Good for you, Christian brother, the Lord smiles upon you, you have rid yourself of the evils of Satan. You will have many jewels in your crown on the day of judgement.”

Or something like that.


One of Josh's pictures on popular gay porn site "Guys With iPhones." God bless us, every one.

It’s actually kind of funny that Josh is going to play the religion card to try and make himself seem like a saint. He can’t bare to listen to the lyrics “the truth never set me free,” but he CAN post about four or five pictures of himself periodically on popular gay porn site Guys With iPhones. Well, semi-popular. I like it at least.

But it seems funny to me that he’s going to get all offended by a lyric one second, and post a picture (however unsatisfying clothed he may be in said picture) on a site that is, by and large, a porn site. A GAY porn site at that. Yeah, bet they don’t know about that one down at the tabernacle, do they Josh?

It just peeves me, that’s all. But then, it’s Christianity. I would expect no less from it. I hope he grows out of it 😦 He seems like a nice enough guy.