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A Final Fantasy Survey
Favorites Survey
Survey About Writing



Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K. Rowling
Geography Club – Brent Hartinger
Son of a Witch – Gregory Maguire
Sonic Genesis
Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi – Outcast – Aaron Allston
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Arika Himekawa
Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris
2013 In Review:
Dead Until Dark – Charlaine Harris
Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austin
City of Bones – Cassandra Clare
City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare
City of Glass – Cassandra Clare
The Order of the Poison Oak – Brent Hartinger
Double Feature – Brent Hartinger
Pendragon: The Rivers of Zadaa – D.J. MacHale
A Lion Among Men – Gregory Maguire
The Queen of the Damned – Anne Rice
Beauty’s Punishment – Anne Rice
Let’s Pretend This Never Happened – Jenny Lawson
Bossypants – Tina Fey
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Arika Himekawa
Fullmetal Alchemist – Hiromu Arakawa
Sandman – Neil Gaiman
Memnoch the Devil – Anne Rice
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Jack Thorne and John Tiffany

Video Games

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
Final Fantasy XIII
Bravely Default (1) (2) (3) (4)


The Dinner Party Show

Lists and Fun

Characters I Would Like To See In The Next Dissidia
My Top Ten Albums By Play Count
The Top Ten Worst Tori Amos Songs

My Writing

Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale is the thing that’s been living inside me for four years or more and trying desperately to get out. I don’t know if Fairy Tale is going to be the final title (probably not), but it’s used as the working title for the story. I had a pretty good stretch of about four or five months when I was writing pretty regularly, but I just couldn’t figure out who my characters were or what I wanted to happen. In the end, I gave up writing in the book properly and just kept writing concept scenes, until I eventually decided to start the whole thing over with one crucial change. We’ll see how the new version of the story comes out. Here are links to the individuals chapters (all posted on Fiction Press), and beneath them links to concept scenes for the book. Just in case anyone’s hunting for them, I’ve marked the romantic / erotic scenes with an asterisk.

Pre-Draft Chapters

(Prologue) (Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5) (Ch.6) (Ch.7) (Ch.8) (Ch.9) (Ch.10) (Ch.11)
(Ch.12) (Ch.13) (Ch.14) (Ch.15) (Ch.16) (Ch.17) (Ch.18) (Ch.19) (Ch.20) (Ch.21) (Ch.22)

Concept Scenes

Naked Bronwen | The Holy Place | Origin | Magister | The Prince and the Chancellor

Respite* | Midnight* | For A Long Time* | Madeena | Drosselmeyer

The Hell Child  | The Folly Of King Roseline  | Speaking With the Dark God 

The Vampire and the King of the Underworld

Jared and Cornelia

Jared and Cornelia began as a writing project in tenth grade, when I was fifteen. I was trying to write fanfiction at the time and I needed to come up with something original to turn in as my final project, and it needed to be a short story. I decided to take the most cliche concept I knew I could write about: a fantasy story about a princess and a knight. However, after writing the first chapter I found I actually really loved these characters. The original version of the story that I wrote in tenth grade is long gone, but I tried to start writing the story again. I’ve only written six chapters and I don’t know if I’ll ever return to it, but for all intents and purposes, this is a retelling of what I wrote in high school (I never really finished the story in high school, it became apparent that I was becoming a lot less “short story” and a lot more “novel”).

(Ch.1) (Ch.2) (Ch.3) (Ch.4) (Ch.5) (Ch.6)

Scenes and Short-Stories

I have always had a problem writing short stories. In general, I’m just not good at it. I write in “scenes.” I’m bad at starting at the beginning, and I like to start right in the middle of a scene and just carry it through to the end (I’ve noticed over the years that I have a tendency to end every scene with characters going to sleep). Here are some of the random one-offs that I’ve written. A couple are more coherent than others, and that’s why I titled them “short stories,” though in truth almost all of them are really just scenes.

Oliver and the Wand (Fantasy)

Rain (Romance, M/M)

The Crone (Fantasy)

A Prologue In Darkness (Fantasy)

Seduction of the Incubus (Short Story, Romance, M/M)

How To Diffuse An Argument With Your Boyfriend (Short Story, Romance, M/M)

Between Two Lungs (Short Story, Romance, M/M)

What Happens In School (Scene, Romance, M/M)

Select Poetry

Bridges in the Air
Watermark (II)
What Remains
Inside of You
Joseph’s Poem
Not My Lover
The Day I Met God
If I Were A Girl
Bolin Is My Dream Boy
words from the dark
Suicide Song
The Father, The Son, and a Ghost With Holes
Little God
Little Brother
Falling, Tired, Asleep
No One’s Looking
Make It Through
Trumpet Sounds
If You Love Me
Ice Fairies
Most of Me
No Pieces of Paper in The Way
The Father, The Son, The Broken Chair

My Music

I started learning to pay piano when I was fifteen. It was also about that time that I really started to become interested in music. I loved playing piano, and part of the reason I started learning to play was so that I could play music from Final Fantasy and other video games, because I did love music as a kid, but mostly only video game music. Eventually I started coming up with my own songs. It’s taken me a long time to get anything nearing an album’s worth of my own material, and I’ve never had a proper studio space to record in (nor do I have my own piano anymore), but I’ve collected some recordings and put together a couple of albums on Bandcamp. Due to the quality, and the fact that a lot of the songs are covers, they’re all pay-what-you-want.


The Lid and the Heartbeat
December 24, 2013

1 Sound Check
2 Cow’s Milk
3 Beneath Your Boughs
4 Storm
5 Hate Crime
6 Caught A Lite Sneeze (Piano Version)
7 Here Comes The Rain Again
8 The Teacher Song
9 Caught A Lite Sneeze
10 Hate Crime
11 I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
12 Kiss Me Back
13 17 Minutes
14 Trevor

This album is a collection of old recordings, two newer recordings, and two produced tracks. Just a little bit of me playing music. I’m currently working on putting together a genuine EP.

August 15, 2015

1 I Don’t
2 Valley of the Fallen Star
3 Astronaut
4 Improv: “Untitled in C Major”
5 Bigger on the Inside
6 Caught A Lite Sneeze
7 Want It Back
8 Improv: “Jack Is Coming”
9 Improv: “Creepy House”
10. I Don’t (Sunrise Version)
11. Improv: “Being Alive”
12 Improv: Variation on “Hate Crime”

This is another collection of recordings, mostly covers, but a few instrumental improvisations and two new recordings of the song I Don’t. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to really sit down, finish composing, and record a high quality EP at some point soon.

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