On Political Parties and Fillibustering


This is all so fucking CHILDISH. “No, we don’t like your guy, we’re gonna run out the clock until you can’t do anything!” “Well, now WE’RE gonna run out the clock on YOUR guy! Na na na, I’ll read Green Eggs and Ham for twelve hours and get paid tax dollars to do it!”

GROW UP, America. This is how a group of toddlers govern, not full grown fucking adults with degrees from Harvard. You don’t like someone’s pick? DISCUSS IT. COME TO CONSENSUS. COMPROMISE. That is called DEMOCRACY, that is called DOING YOUR JOB. Waving your finger and saying “No, your team’s bad and my team’s good,” “My team is the right one and your team is wrong!” that’s how a ten year old operates, and when they do that, their parents tell them to learn to respect other people and play nice like big kids.

It should be obvious by this point that this infantile team allegiance to the Republican and Democratic parties is getting us NOWHERE. The system has failed us in a big way and either we need to get real adults who can do their jobs into the offices of these grown up man-children who blame everything on the opposing side (lookin’ at you, Mitch McConnell), or we need to change the system so that the grown ups can get to work on keeping the rest of us safe.

He's just upset because he's not turtly enough for the turtle clup

Not turtly enough for the turtle club



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