Patreon Introduction

My name is Jesse.

My goal in life is to be an artist. More specifically a writer.

I’m working on a novel that’s been living inside me for about five years: the characters go to bed with me, they take showers with me, they are on my mind at all times every day. I’ve written enough extra material to be it’s own book, but now it’s time for me to really start down and write this novel.

So what kind of novel is it? Put simply, it’s a fantasy story with an emphasis on the role religion plays in people’s lives. To give you some key words to give you an idea: there’s a mage who can control fire, a witch who’s entire culture was decimated by religious persecution, a demi-human whose people were massacred in a war, a kick ass transgender warrior, a wisecracking noble who joins a merry band of upstarts, and a dreamy boy-next-door who my main character is in love with. It’s a difficult story to pitch in one sentence, but my hope is that it will tackle things that I want to talk about: religion, emotional and physical abuse, abandonment, parents and the lack thereof, family structures and whether or not they really exist, and a character who’s struggling against the weight of anxiety and fear to live in the real world.

My other big dream is to be a musician. I started playing piano when I was about sixteen, learning some introductory music theory from my chorus teacher when there was off time. After that I fell in love with Tori Amos, Imogen Heap, and many other musicians who inspired me to make my own music. Now I’m trying to learn to speak, and to sing, with my own voice. Currently I’m in the process of getting together a good setup to record something nearing studio-quality, and I’m hoping that the money from this will help me to do that.

I have a lot of other ideas as far as writing goes. I want to write an erotica novel, I’ve been bouncing around ideas for other fantasy stories for years, and every now and then I write short stories. I want to keep growing, and most of all, I want other people to SEE what I create. I want people to read my work, to hear my music. If everything were to go perfectly, this Patreon would be a platform for me to not only create my novel and my music, but to publish it in some way as well. I want the experience of creation, which is typically a solitary venture, to be experienced as a group. I NEED feedback, I need to be heard and seen.

Being my patron gives me a gift that I cannot express my gratitude for: the ability to be heard by someone. I don’t care how much money you pledge, I just want to know that I can really be a writer, a musician, an artist, and that someone out there will care enough to support me. I’m trusting you. I’m asking you.

And I’m excited to hear from you.


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