Make It Through

Say it before it goes away
Feelings are so fleeting it isn’t allowed to last
I promise one day this will all make sense
And I’ll sweep you away to a castle in Ireland
You and I can forget this life we lived in this tiny box
You and I will stand on parapets and breathe the earth
You and I will see the stars the way they were meant to be seen
You and I will laugh at how silly we’ve been
You and I will kiss beneath a sky that doesn’t care at all what we get up to
When no one can see me
When no one can see you
You’re allowed to breathe me
If I’m allowed to miss you
And if you chance to see me
And if I chance to kiss you
Then we work this out together
Then we can dream of something better
Just hold on
We’ll get through this
You promised you’d stay if I promised you the same
So don’t forget the words we spoke and don’t forget my name
Remember I care where you are and how you feel
Remember I’m worrying but soon this may be real
Give it time, give it a chance
Give it some space and let it learn to dance
We’ll get through this together
We will find each other
In moonlight in starlight in parapets of aging stone
On a rooftop far away in the night sky you and I
We can make this
We can get through this


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