Little God

where have you been
little god who is afraid?
where have you hidden
millennia upon another
how many forms have you taken?
how many lives have you taken
how many nations have you taken
how many children have you taken
how many minds have you taken
bodies have you taken
smiles and hopes and loves have you taken
how much hope have you stolen
how much to feed your greedy lust for worship
where have you been when all the worlds called out your name in unison
and you responded with a stone silence louder than the cosmic explosion
when your temperament was tested and you stood still
when the children were committed into your arms
and you did not take them
when the slaves and the oppressed and the thirsty and the valiant and the pious and the sinless and the humble and the destitute and the afraid and the weak and the mourning and the lost all cried up to heaven “speak! I listen”
“call! I wait”
“sing, I will join you”
“weep and I will comfort you”
“hope that I may hope as we’ll”
where were you standing?
what went through your mind?
you are so little in a universe so vast
so small that you are one neuron firing in our brains
so lifeless that you could never respond
so small and so weak that your voice could never be heard
your voice was only ever borrowed from us
and we want it back
though we gave it away still we can claim this for ourselves
little god, sad god, weeping god, put down the torment and the pain, give it back to us
you, child, who never should have been
your suffering has been our suffering, vast and infinite in variation
but we forgive you
we let you go
we move
we step forward
we strive and we fail and we remember you
we cry at the remembrance of our lost love
but we will survive
we will live
you never got the chance to be alive
but we have it, and for you we cannot squander it
our tiny maker, our vast and great child
we forgive you
we forgive you

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