Suicide Song

Suicide Song

You wrote me a letter

I burned it in a fire

It didn’t make me better

It hurt me

I’m dying here

So cold in here

I’m losing light

And I’m out of strength

I can’t even stand

There is no where to go

I wonder what you’d think if

I’m dying here

I’m losing hope

I’m out of lies

I’m out of excuses

I’m out of life

If they find me

Take my body

Plant it beneath a tree

If I grow tall

I’ll see the fields

And hear the animals breathe

If they find me

Don’t look down

Just walk away

And don’t think about me

If they find me

Take my body

I won’t mind

Lying here

No one with me

So much love

Yet no one here to disillusion me

Take me with you

Carry me and don’t turn around to see me

I won’t leave you like you left me

I can’t be that cold and dirty



Don’t know why

Let me die

Nothing’s coming

No one’s listening

Leelah’s jumping

Bobby’s falling

Dustin’s brain dead

Matt’s gone missing

Brian’s lying

Kids are shooting

Kids are shooting kids are shooting…

I lie alone

Deciding the song

They’ll hear

I hope that you don’t hear this news

But I’m so sorry

Dying isn’t fast

It takes some time

It starts inside

And spreads

I lied

I smiled

I tried

I failed

I lived

And so I’m-


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