Salvaged Poetry

An Old Greek Riddle

Hey boys, sexy boys

Sitting there, reclined

Why don’t we fit together

The way we were designed

I’ll tell you a secret, if you count to three

Get your hands off each other and onto me

Hungry like a wolf, and not afraid to swallow

I don’t know who told you it just takes two to tango

The stars and the planets and our bodies all align

I’ll show you his, he’ll show you mine

Why don’t we fit together the way were designed

Well I’ll tell you a secret, if you count to three

Get your hands off each other and onto me


everyone has the place where they’re imperfect

mine just happens to be in the most inconvenient place

living in a castle made of walls of salty dreams

looking at you through a screen

unable to reach out and love you

remember them all

and compare you to them

and give up again and again

I can fight anyone because my heart is sure

but I can’t fight myself because my heart is sure

and I wonder if I’m lying, or if I’m lying again

and when the lies end

and when the love begins

and I don’t want to stop living

and I don’t want to live half-dead

I’m not strong enough sometimes to live a lie

I’m not strong enough sometimes to believe the lie’s lies

And what’s a lie? And what’s the truth?

And when does it all end without throwing down the pieces

Without crushing the shells of the crabs crawling in through the cracks in my walls

and building more with their hard bodies

happy only in the dark, wet pit

dreaming of the seed of life

wanting and taking and taking and taking

and taking and using

and never loving

fighting the still small voice with the other still small voice

loving you despite it all

and unable to handle the weight of love

break me

make me cry

stand tall over me and use your arms and break the mortar

dig your nails in and step inside

reach down in my pit and hold me safely

remind me of the boys who didn’t love me

remind me of the boys I didn’t love

make me love


Love makes me sad

Love makes me cry

It should make me happy

But it feels like depression

Love gets me excited

And that makes me cry

Love is so confusing

I don’t know if it’s my enemy or my friend

Love is so soft

Love knows how to make me crazy

Love is a boy who can’t make up his mind

Love is so needy

Love is an inhibitor

But the more it inhibits me the more I need it

Love is a many-splendid fucking thing

And I can’t wrap my young naive mind around love 

Love is a heaviness weighing on my chest

Love is a crossroads with a million different paths

Love is bleeding, love is pain

Love is suffering, love is vain

Love is cruel, and love is mean

Love is everything you fear

Ever-present, love is here

Love is more than we can understand

We call it by many names

We worship it, we kill for it,

We die in vain

We believe in this because it’s all we know to be true

We fashion gods with human flaws to represent you love

Love makes me sad

Love makes me cry

It should make me weep with joy

Instead it kills me slowly

Love is dark, but love is real

Love is all that we can place our hope in

We wouldn’t take it any other way

I Fucking Hate Christmas

Rudolph had a nose as red as blood

All the other reindeer called him faggot

The ones that do not put a gun to their heads or another’s

Walk this world as bruised and angry fucked up mother fuckers

Poem 2

I don’t love you anymore

I hate you


Now let’s get one get things straight before we start

I don’t make a practice of holding grudges

But you have tipped me over, I’m past the point of caring

I’ve never met a person, with so much to dislike




Ugly on the inside, and stupid on the outside

I’ve never met a person as selfish as you

You speak hypocrisy, you move like a jellyfish

You’re so wrapped up in your own little world

You think people you don’t know have to live their lives to please you

But I’m here to let you know

You are worthless

You’re barely a human being

You are tasteless

Except for the bad one you leave in my mouth

You’re tactless

You can’t even spell properly in your fucking insults

You are the scourge of my community

You are a bad apple rotting out my tree

Do us all a favor and zip it for a little while

Spend half as much energy thinking as you do bitching

And maybe society will find some use for you

You aren’t worth it

But I’m sinking to your level for a moment

You’re ignorant

Too blinded by yourself to see anybody else

You’re a hypocrite

You couldn’t climb a mountain even with an air lift

Stop saying you’d swim an ocean, we both know that’s bullshit

Crossing the deepest valleys doesn’t make you any less shallow

You’re too in love with yourself to really get the fucking concept

I believe in peace, bitch

I believe in peace

You have got me thinking

Against my better judgement

I wouldn’t try to act like you could even know heartbreak

You’re incapable of connecting with another person

The best part is, though you make me want to strangle kittens

I’m the one with everything, and you’re getting what you asked  for

Maybe now that you’re alone you can have some time

For a little personal reflection, maybe fix some things

But I seriously doubt it


I don’t want to be the one playing games with your heart

(A Fragment Of) Lust

I’ve gone balls to the wall crazy standing in this place

The smell of your skin though I haven’t seen your face

All I want is to taste

Your towel pressed against my face

I want to look around your room and find the things you hide

I want to smell your clothes and see you naked at night

It’s not bad, you’re not bad

You will feel the things you’ve never felt before

Let me touch you

Hey Chris / Kerosene

Hey Chris, Hey Chris

You were my first kiss

But I still remember you

It’s not every day you meet someone

Who touches me the way you do

Even though you left me I still remember

Everything you taught me too

And everything that I forgot

Will come to me with you

Lights out, cars drive by

Under the signs we fell beneath the trees

A few people say they said “fine,”

And I stayed on my knees

When no one was around you looked a little deeper

No one caught me quite as quick

I wanna say I wish I never you but

The heartbreak was worth your dick

I wanna be clean so bring me kerosene

And burn this guilt away from me

I carry this load like a cross on my back

But I’m too young to live like that

It’s a long long road to the end of the line

I’m awake, I’m alive and I’m feeling just fine

But I wanna be clean so drown in your dreams

And take this guilt away

Red blue white black

I’m having a panic attack

And I can’t believe it I didn’t sign up for this shit

I said I needed you, cried that I was scared

You told me to get over it

I really didn’t wish you well

But why’d you have to turn into what I wanted

The moment I turned my back on you

Was I not enough to please?

And here I am back on the floor bending my knees

How much time can I waste

How much of my life

How much can I lose before I’ve nothing left to want?

I wanna be clean but I don’t need it

I’ve got get over wanting love

I’ve got to get over needing needed

Cause I can’t bare to be

(and now, some poetry from the high school days!)

One True Love

Kissing me so softly in the
Daylight of my mind
In a garden full of flowers
Take me for the very first time
Lips touching beneath our noses
Fuck me in a bed of roses
Let the other world around us
Slip away into the air, we don’t care

I’ll have my first flight to paradise with you
I’ll experience the love that I’ve wanted for so long
Hold me tightly, you’re inside me
When I scream it’s not a bad thing
Every moment here with you
Is all I’ve ever wanted

Lying still and holding you
I’ll do whatever you want me to
Just promise me
You’ll never go away
If you feel the nighttime coming
Just hold tighter to me honey
When alone our fears can take us
But here with you our hearts won’t break us

In a bed of crimson flowers
You tell me you’re sorry for the pain
In the sunrise of the morning
Let me hear you scream my name

I’ll have my first flight to paradise with you
I’ll experience the love that I’ve wanted for so long
Deep inside you, warm and fragile
You are all that I could ask for
Every moment here with you
Is all I’ve ever wanted


“Lover, my lover.”
I called through my tears
The fog rolling in
To celebrate my fears
He walked off so gently
So quiet did he step
That the only sound
Were my tears as I wept

“Lover, my lover!”
I screamed through the mist
Then a strong, sturdy hand
Grabbed hold of my wrist
He held and me soon I forgot my past love
And gave him my heart
While the fog cleared above

“Lover, my lover.”
As he gently set me down
And turned to walk away
While my tears hit the ground
And the rain fell that night
As I cried all alone
No one to hold on to
And both lovers gone

“Lover, my lover.”
I whispered in awe
As another stepped out
Through the icy downfall
And warm was his skin
And soft were his lips
As he stroked my wet hair
And kissed my fingertips

“Lover, my lover.”
The lightning cracked through the skies
And he stood above me
With merciless eyes
And turned to walk off
Through the hail and the storm
To leave me again
In the cold winter morn

“Lover, my lover.”
I leapt for his feet
And the snowflakes came down
And stole away the heat
But so tired was I
That he slipped from my grasp
And I waited while I cried
To be frozen at last

“Lover, my lover.”
I called out in vain
And the snow buried me
And shielded the rain
But the fire inside me
Was ever forgiving
And left my mistakes
And said “Keep on living.”

“Lover, my lover.”
I whispered again
And kept crawling forward
The rain easing then
And still do I crawl
Up this desolate hill
Searching for my true lover
And find him I will


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