Kiss me back and I won’t leave

But I have to live sometime

And I’ll never be happy here

Why don’t you see me

Can we stop this lying

And start to be living

Can I walk away from you head held up high

With the bruises you left on my arm and my thigh

When you punched me in the gut and left me to cry

Can I strike the match watch this relationship die

Kiss me back but it won’t mean a thing

And I don’t care if you are hurting

‘Cause I cannot give love to

Anyone but myself from here on

And I make this vow before you

Listen closely my dove

Hatred and violence they won’t have a home here

But reason and refuge from dysfunctional love

Are all I need from this day on

And if you die tomorrow

I’ll shed my tears for you but not for us

For that is yesterday’s sorrow

I hate that I hate you but that’s how it goes

And maybe I cannot love you, but you may yet love you though

And no one can give you the things that you need

But I’m walking away strike the match watch it bleed

Kiss me back the kiss of death

And lie until the end has come

But I will march away from you

And into the light of the unsetting sun

Kiss me kiss me kiss me kiss me

But not back


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