I say with no conceit I am a giving person

Darkness breeds love, darkness breeds compassion


I miss you

I have you but I don’t

Free me, but stay

You are a watermark upon my heart

Here and not here

Walking through fields that are mine but not

Here but not

Alive but not


I have a reservation ringing in my ears

Afraid to be lonely I’m lost in my tears

I’ve lost all the things that I ever loved

I’ve lost all my hope so I’m giving everything up

My Protector

I wear your love about my neck

It keeps me safe from danger

I wander freely through the darkness

Your love is my protector


Content is not enough

Don’t want to settle for content, I want happy

I want to need with all I am you and your spirit

Content is not enough. I want more.

I want more than safe

I want to be terrified by how much I love someone

I want to have more love than I can handle

I want to overflow, I want to run over, I want to drown

I want to feel something genuine

No matter the outcome

I don’t care how it ends, just let it begin the right way

I’ll be happy if I can just love honestly

And truly feel

It Isn’t Very Hard

What happened to Missy?

Stop talking about your money

Don’t objectify yourself and call it feminism

Don’t shout out words don’t understand and say you’re an activist

Don’t throw your ass in the camera and be offended

When all people talk about is what you’ve shown them

Don’t be shallow and then ask to be treated as though you have depth

Empower yourself, don’t disrespect yourself

It isn’t very hard


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