Poetry About A Goddess?


I’m here to suck

I’m here to taste

I’m here to have

And not to waste

I give you pleasure

I give you pain

I give you worship

And pain again

I want to take

I want to give

I’ll make you die

I’ll make you live

I am a vampire

I am a nymph

I am a siren

I am a sylph

My name is Katja

Now come inside

You are my child

I am your bride

I give to you

And then I take

I feel your pulse

Your beating brain

I feel your skin

Your beating heart

You are my chosen

My living heart

I am a goddess

I am a fiend

I am a devil

I am a dream

I am your mistress

You are my whore

I feel your pulsing

Aching for more

I bring you pleasure

Beyond your dreams

I feel your whimpers

I hear your screams

Beneath the blanket

Whisper my name

If you love me

I’ll do the same

I am your future

I am your past

I am your goddess

I am your last

First you will perish

And then you’ll bloom

You’ll fall to ashes

And all too soon

And you will feel me

And you will touch me

And you will know me

And you will love me

And you will please me

And you will conquer

And you will love

And then be slaughtered

And we will battle

And we will sin

And you will come

Always again

And life begins

And you regret

And we remember

And we forget

You will submit

You will obey

And you will worship

And you will pray

And life begins

And you regret

And we remember

And we forget


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