I heard the news. I know you’ll never read this. I don’t know if someone else will log into your page and read this. I don’t know what to say. I heard you’re still alive.

They say that you’re brain dead. I know I’m just typing, but this is the closest I can come to praying for you in some genuine way. if you pass away, go peacefully. Please don’t harbor any regrets.

I wish I could kiss you goodbye. We didn’t know each other well, but you were kind to me when very few people were. You were a lover and a friend. I love you. I don’t know if there is a god who can save you, or if there’s some way for you to come back. But if you go, please go with my love, and go in peace.

Thank you for being kind to me. Thank you for your smile and your love, even though it was fleeting.

I love you.


I guess I haven’t said the next part. Goodbye sweetheart.

You were such a wonderful person, and I’m happy that I got to know you. Please be well, wherever you go. If you go into another life, go happily and peacefully.

If you go into Heaven, remember the love of all of us who care about you

I’m so sorry, I don’t know what for. I’m just sitting here crying and I feel sorry. Sorry to know that you’re in a hospital bed somewhere, breathing, your body alive, but you’re not in there

And I hate to think of that. Where are you? Where have you gone? What are you feeling? What are you thinking? Why does this happen? Why are you here one moment and then gone?

I’ll always remember you fondly, Dustin. I’ll always remember how gentle and how sweet you were, how comfy you were to cuddle in bed with.

How kind you were. You were always so kind. Thank you for being so kind to me.

And patient. I was such a child back then. You were so together, so grown up. But you were patient with me. You were nice to me. You made me have fun. You showed me something special.

I’ll remember you.

I hope that if you can remember me, wherever you are, if you can think of me or feel anything, that it’s a happy memory. I hope that you know how sorry I am that we’ve lost you.

I hope you know that even though I didn’t know you too personally, I cared for you. And the moments we shared have remained with me, and will always remain with me.

You were such a wonderful person, Dustin. And I will miss you.

I’m sorry that it happened to you. I’m sorry you had to die so young. I’m sorry you had to die at all. I’m so sorry.

Thank you Dustin. Thank you for your smile, and for your love, and your caring, and your attentiveness. Thank you.


I heard that you passed today. I’m glad you’re not in the state you were anymore. Goodbye, sweet boy. I’ll miss you. I love you.


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