How To Diffuse An Argument With Your Boyfriend

“You could try being a little more considerate!” I shouted.

Garrett rolled his eyes and stood up from the couch, walking toward the kitchen. I followed, really getting steamed up.

“So you’re not going to say anything else? You’re just going to be totally quiet?” I asked.

Garrett was closing a pizza box and putting it back in the refrigerator. “Look,” he said in an angry, authoritative voice, “I’m just cranky tonight, okay? I’m sorry that I was inconsiderate!” He slammed the refrigerator door shut.

“You can be sorry,” I said, cleaning up paper plates from the counter and throwing them into the garbage, “But that doesn’t help when I’m pouring my heart out to you and you completely change the subject! And don’t try to be cute either!”

Suddenly Garrett stopped, a shaker of Parmesan cheese in his hand, and arched an eyebrow. “What did I do that was cute?” he asked in a skeptical voice.

I groaned, “Saying you’re ‘cranky,’ like a baby, trying to make it cute. You’re being an ass, is what you’re doing.”

Garrett kept his eyebrow raised and set the cheese down on the counter. He stepped closer to me, “So,” he said carefully, “You think I’m cute?”

I narrowed my eyes and bit my lip in frustration, “This is not working, you are not going to change the subject again.”

Garrett slipped his hands onto my hips. I registered a view different physical reactions to this. For one thing, I was still fuming, and it annoyed me to no end, and then on the other hand, my hips were a very sensitive spot and he knew it, and it sent a shiver up my back. “Garrett, stop it,” I said, “I’m trying to talk about something serious.”

Garrett’s anger was gone, and he pressed his forehead to mine, and said in a quiet voice, “I’m sorry baby, I was just being cranky.”

“Garrett…” I grumbled. “You are not going to charm your way out of this.”

“So you think I’m charming?” he asked with a coy smile.

My heart was beating fast, and my chest was filling with a warmth that made me even more aggravated because I really didn’t want to be feeling this right now. I was still mad at him.

“Garrett, can’t you please be serious for one second?” I asked, and I gently held him away from me by his arms.

He gave me a pouty face. God, not the pouty face. His green eyes seemed to twinkle when he did that. I didn’t know for sure if he was capable of making himself cry on command but it looked like there might be tears forming in his eyes.
“Garrett…” I sighed. He was wearing me down. This was unacceptable. “I’m trying to make an important point to you here. You have to take my feelings into consideration sometimes.”

“I know,” he said in a pitiful voice. “I’m really sorry, Tyler…”

Goddammit. I was getting hard. My zipper was tightening. Stop it, Garrett.

Garrett leaned forward and wrapped his scrawny little arms around me, pulling me in to hug him. He was the same height as I was, but so much thinner, and even though he was strong, it always amazed me when I held him in my arms how tiny he felt, how light he was. I put my arms around him too. “Garrett,” I breathed, “We are having a serious discussion.”

Garrett touched his fingertips to the scruff on my cheek and touched his nose gently to mine, “I know we are, baby,” and he leaned in and kissed me.

God, his lips were soft. And my erection was in full force. He was certainly the best kisser I’d ever had. He always started gentle, this way, a tiny kiss, and then one that was a little deeper. I found myself kissing him back. And then he slipped his tongue into my mouth and just like that, I wasn’t angry anymore. That feeling became a tingling sensation on the back of my neck and all over my head that slipped away as I touched his tongue with mine and he pulled it away, teasing me like he always did. He held me tight with his little arms. He was just a tiny bit taller than me, so when we kissed, he was leaning down ever so slightly to get to my lips. I liked it.

He had completely seized control of this situation. He began to kiss me while gentle walking me backward into the living room, and he pulled me with him onto the couch, laying on top of me. He was so light. I kept my arms wrapped around him tight, and he pressed his crotch into mine. Yep, his erection was there, bigger than mine, as always, though he never bragged about it, and he was definitely as in the mood as I was.
Suddenly the anger became something else. I whispered to him softly, “Dammit,” and bit his lip.
He giggled. So cute when he did that. It made me want to take him more than I had before. “Why you say that?” he asked with a grin.

“You can’t always get out of every situation like this, Garrett,” I said, but there was no anger in my voice.

Garrett raised his eyebrows gently and in a low voice that he reserved only for me and only when we were about to have sex, he said, “I’ll bet I can, baby.”

I lost all control at that point, and what had been an argument going on for twenty minutes suddenly became something completely different. I pulled his clothes off, whipping his tight little underwear down his legs as he unbuttoned by shirt and pulled it off of me. His lips were everywhere, kissing my nipples and biting at them, and as we lay naked, grinding against each other, ferociously making out, I found myself whimpering, giving myself over to him, and he held me tight in those arms that I loved so much, and when he reached into a table beside the couch for lube and touched me gently with it, I didn’t flinch. I was hungry for him, and when he entered me I let out a gasp of pain. He always hurt the first time he went in, so he’d take it out and add some more lube, and then try again. He always went in fine the second time.

It didn’t take long. He leaned down and kissed my face and my lips and my cheeks and my necks while he thrust into me, that little body becoming suddenly ferociously strong as he held my entire weight in his arms, thrusting into me and making me completely surrender to him. When his hand reached down to my cock, it was only another moment before I began to come, whispering in his ear that I loved him, that I belonged to him, and he released inside me, as I loved for him to do, and there was a warmth there within me that could only come from him, filling me up.

He grabbed his shirt from the floor and slipped it under my butt, and then pulled the soft blanket from the back of the couch, covering us both with it, and laid his head on my chest. I kissed his soft hair, smelling it. We had been sweating, but it was cold in the house. I liked it cold. It made it feel better when we cuddled. I held him close in my arms.

“You still mad at my, Ty?” he asked.

I smiled. “No, baby, I’m not mad.” I kissed his hair again, and he leaned up, looked at me with those perfect green eyes, and kissed my lips. I could taste my cock. I liked it. It felt so intimate, this kiss, after we were done. I squeezed him, and all the strength in his skinny little body seemed to be gone now and he sunk down onto me, and within a few minutes, he was asleep on top of me, naked, breathing gently.

I whispered into his ear that I loved him and got back a sleepy grumble that resembled “I love you too.” Trying not to move him, I reached above my head and grabbed the remote from the table by the couch, got a little more comfortable, entwined our legs together, and turned the TV on. I could feel myself getting sleepy was I wasn’t ready to fall asleep yet. I turned on the TV and leaned down to give him another kiss, scratching his head and playing with his hair and he slept on my chest. I watched TV, but I wasn’t paying attention to it. All I was thinking about was him.

It was in moments like these, together, quiet, and alone, that I felt the happiest. I gave him a gentle squeeze in his sleep, feeling his whole body on top of me, his hairy legs, his soft cock resting on my leg, his chest gently rising and falling, and his head snuggled comfortably into the corner of my chest by my armpit. I eventually turned the lamp on the table off, turned off the TV, and closed my eyes. I could have taken him to bed, but somehow this was more comfortable. In bed he could get away from me. Here he was all mine. I grinned at the thought, and when my head got swimmy, the only thing I knew was the feeling of his body against mine, and his gentle breathing, as I fell asleep.


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