Didn’t know I could just not matter

Didn’t know but I should have known better
Don’t go.
Please, not yet.
I don’t care if you’re taking advantage of me
I just want to pretend for a moment that you love me
I’ll never have someone like you
So the best I can do is live in a fantasy
Just stay, for a few moments, with me
Let me see your eyes
Use me however you need
I just need you, now
I need you within me, I need you holding me
I need your smile, your coy demeanor
How harsh is your spirit but how soft are your words
How gentle is your body and how loving you can be
Don’t walk down the road at night
I want to hold you
You didn’t let me give you one more kiss
I probably won’t hear from you again
But in one night I fell in love with you


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