Poetry #28


Everything seems a little brighter in daylight
Everything becomes easier
Everyone can forget for a moment
The world is full of darkness and despair

Sometimes light is brought to us through people
Sometimes they smile and wink at us, ’cause they really understand
The darkness claims the best of us
The darkness has no prejudice
The darkness lives in all of us
We just do the best we can

Laugh, forget about it
Life’s too short and I can’t care all the time
Smile, for a moment
Believe that there is hope in the world
And think about it later

Beacons come through the night
Illuminating the path with their own light
And when they die the world becomes
A little bit darker
And when they die
It’s hard to remember the laughter

Beacon in the foggy night of life
Leading me and you and us to shore
Don’t worry your heart about it anymore
And be at peace. The darkness can’t touch you now
Where you go, your spirit will illuminate the path
Where you go, laughter will follow
And though we cry now, it’s your wisdom and your love that will remain
Inside of me so deep that it’s something I could never change
In the darkness of the night it’s your smile that gets us through
The children who grew up in bad circumstances but ended up loving you
You are a father to me to all all of us, a brother too
Go ahead now, and find relief, go ahead now and find your peace
Go ahead now, Genie, you’re free.


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