Poetry #27


Dean really loves Ian, but not like that
Ian loves Dean, Dean doesn’t care, and I like that
I wish I had a Dean

I wish there was a straight boy who’d be my best friend
I’d tell him all my feelings and he’d listen and he’d feel them
And I’d never worry again

I wouldn’t have to think about relationship responsibilities
I could just fuck whoever and come to him
No complications and no jealousy

He’d be beside me for the rest of my life
I’d watch him grow up and I’d watch him find a wife
We’d spend time together and we’d spend time apart
There’d be no pressure and he’d have my heart

A really cute straight boy to fall in love with
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t feel the same
I could have him

I’d help him out when he’s feeling down
And he’d hold me when I cry
He’d never ever judge me or think any less
And I’d never have to lie

He’d be perfect and I’d love him and he’d love me back
There would be no fighting and my heart would never break
He’d never break my heart, I would never break his
What good is life with no friend to hold when
It’s winter and you’re hungry and you’re both getting cold

You can always be together and it’s never awkward or weird
And I’d always be able to count on him
And I’d never want to run away from him
And I’d never feel neglected by him
And I’d never wonder if I still loved him
Things would be so simple then
I wish I had a Dean


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