Little Sister

Kasey how I love you
Words can’t express it
Your face looks just like mine
Your smile is just so perfect
Kasey how I miss you
Though we barely know each other
You’re still a little part of me
That I don’t get to have

Kasey far away from me
Do you ever think of me?
Do you treasure me the way that I treasure you?
Little sister, just like me
In my arms and safe with me
I’ll hold you while the rain comes down
And keep you warm with me

Kasey out there in the world
Growing up from the little girl
Making your own life, having your own loves
You may never know me
I may never know you
But I still remember you, and I still think of you
And with my heart in full I’ll always love you
Kasey, Kasey, brown hair, blue eyes
Face is fading, still I love you still


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