I miss you Megan
You were always my favorite
When you ran away to the southern states
You sent me letters and I always read them

You have babies now
Your seizures are worse than before
And you’ve been doing drugs, and drinking beer
But I remember loud and clear

When we were just children we’d play with our games
You and me walking along dirt roads
But you had to grow up and turn out all wrong
Where is the smart girl who had aspirations
And said that we two would be better than our family was?
Where is my best friend and where is my sister
And where is the girl who filled my life with laughter?

It’s not like I would change the past
I only wish you’d listened to me
And you were so much older then
Even though you were always younger than me
I miss you Megan
And I don’t that I’ll ever see that beautiful girl again
And I hope that you’re doing well, but I don’t want to know
His name or what you named your baby
Just move on away and try to forget me
It’s better this way because you’ve long since changed
But I will still miss you and I’ll still remember
Those games on the floor in your room, you painted the walls green, your
favorite color
I wore your marching band uniform, you would have taken me to prom but you
were already gone
And it’s over and done with but I still remember it
I never had friends but you still believed in me
You still stood up for me
You never cared about how I was so weird
And jumped in the pool with me, even though the water was green
Your favorite color

The most beautiful girl I’ve ever known
They said your laugh was infectious
You taught me to stand up for myself
But then you went and forgot it

I miss you Megan
The seizures have changed you
The years have taken you
But I still remember you


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