For A Long Time

Hephaestian stood, naked, his erection bulging between his legs, his eyes boring into Lucas with a white hot intensity that sent currents of shivers from the top of Lucas’ head down through his spine, tingling into his own erection and trailing down into the bottoms of his feet.

Hephaestian came forward and with two strong, calloused soldier’s hands, he grabbed Lucas firmly but tenderly around his waist and pulled him desperately close to himself, and brought his face close to his lover’s. For an instant that seemed to stretch on endlessly, Hephaestian’s bright honey brown eyes gazed into Lucas’s own, his deep brown curls blowing in the slight breeze of the afternoon, the grey clouds above him calm and still. He brought his lips to Lucas’s, and kissed.

Their lips met, and it was as though some weakness triggered in the back of Lucas’s neck, in his lower back, behind his knees, and he seemed to lose any concept of where he was for a moment, only that Hephaestian’s supple lips were pressed to his, sucking lightly, and then Lucas moved his lips to return his lover’s kiss. Together their lips made light popping sounds and they kissed again and again, Hephaestian clutching Lucas tighter, his thick erection pressing hard against one of Lucas’s clothed legs, and his tongue shot out from within his mouth and licked at Lucas’s tongue. At this, Lucas really did lose his footing, and with a satisfied, desperate moan he laced his arms around Hephaestian’s neck and allowed himself to be held in his lover’s strong grip.

Hephaestian broke from their kiss and stared again into Lucas’s eyes, his heavy breathing matching his lover’s, and he ran his hands through Lucas’s straight, blonde hair. In an instant he had placed Lucas on his own feet again, and was hastily untying the laces of his shirt across his chest and pulling it off, and ferociously he began to suck on Lucas’s neck, gently nibbling and then moving down to his lover’s shoulder, where he bit hard. Lucas took a deep breath and allowed his head to fall lazily back as Hephaestian moved his kissing lips down to Lucas’s nipples, and lowered himself to his knees, his fingers undoing the laces of Lucas’s trousers while his lips sucked on the first nipple, his tongue shooting out to lick it lightly, teasingly, and then his teeth gently grazing it, before he moved to the next nipple, Lucas’s trousers now undone and being whipped down to his ankles.

On Lucas’s satin underwear there was a large wet stain at the tip of his erection, and Hephaestian began to move his mouth down to Lucas’s lean stomach, kissing the light little blonde hairs that sprung up around his bellybutton, his fingers hooked into the sides of Lucas’s undergarment. He licked at the trail of blonde hair leading down from Lucas’s bellybutton, and then he moved his mouth boldly down past the lip of Lucas’s underwear to his erection, and started to kiss the edge of the organ that painfully jutted out in an attempt to escape from the clothing, tasting the salty remnants of the precum there stained into the underwear.

Carefully, enjoying the sight, Hephaestian pulled the underwear down, exposing first the darker blonde hair beneath Lucas’s stomach and then further, allowing his organ to break free into the air and bobble up and down for a moment. It was not as thick or as long as Hephaestian’s own cock, but it was beautiful, well-sized for Lucas’s body, and oddly symmetrical, without any protruding veins or awkward curves, only a gentle upward slant as it pointed forward, Lucas’s low-hanging balls swaying gently beneath the organ, covered in their fine blonde hairs.

Lucas’s groaned for satisfaction, and Hephaestian could see the strand of precum dripping quickly from the tip of Lucas’s cock, like colorless syrup escaping the bark of a tree. He took Lucas’s organ gently in his hand and with a slight squeeze felt the size of it, ripe as a fruit, and his squeeze caused the precum to flow out more quickly. Hephaestian brought his mouth down beneath Lucas’s cock and shot out his tongue, coming up closer to the cock as the sweet fluid fell into place on his tongue. He pursed his lips and pressed them gently to the tip of Lucas’s cock, sucking the precum from the tiny opening, and heard Lucas sigh in consternation, flexing his cock purposefully, bobbing it up and down, begging for pleasure.

Hephaestian let his fingertips slide down the length of Lucas’ erect cock, feeling the soft skin held taught and firm there around the pulsing organ, and then lightly grasped it, finding with his thumb the thin protruding skin that was a result of his circumsision, following the line of skin down from the tip of his cock to the small cluster of skin and nerves just below the head, and rubbing this cluster with his thumb, feeling Lucas’ begin to relax as pleasure rippled through him, and more precum began to find it’s way from the tiny opening at the tip of Lucas’s cock. Hungrily Hephaestian pressed his closed lips to the head and allowed it to break through into the warm recesses of his mouth, the ridges of the head sliding gently in and half the length of Lucas’s cock filling his wet mouth, his tongue coming up to slide along the bottom of the cock, and his lips sucking fiercely.

With a small moan of intense desire Hephaestian moved his left hand up and brought his fingers to graze Lucas’s balls, and gently weighed them in the palm of his hand, exploring with his fingers the two balls hanging in the soft, sensetive, and lightly blonde-haired skin of the scrotum, playing with the backs of the balls and running his fingers up the length of them to the little area under Lucas’s anus and pushing his finger in gently, all while he sucked on the cock, moving his head forward and back, trying to take as much of the length of it in as he could.

Lucas sighed with pleasure and his knees shook gently and he struggled to hold himself up, his hands finding their way into the tangled curls of Hephaestians hair and lovingly petting him while he sucked, grabbing a cluimp of his hair and pulling gently when the pleasure began to overwhelm him. His cock felt warm, tingling with satisfaction and the desire to come.

With his right hand, Hephaestian had reached between his own legs and was furiously running his hand up and down his own thick erection, precum dripping onto his fingers and lubricating his palm, tightening his grip around the foreskin that covered his head and feeling the shocking, pleasurable impluses from inside the foreskin and all around the head of his cock shudder up through his body and into the back of his neck, while Lucas’s hands played with his hair and pulled at the sensetive nerve endings in his scalp, and Lucas’s cock, tasting of sweat, filled his mouth, his head moving forward again and again to pleasure it, breathing in through his nose the scent of Lucas’s dark blonde pubic hair, feeling the hairs enter his mouth when he came close to taking in all of Lucas’s cock.

“Hephaestian,” whispered Lucas, and he pulled roughly at Hephaestian’s hair, and they both knew that it was time. Hastening the strokes on his own cock as he sucked as hard as could, Hephaestian readied himself, and then he heard Lucas let out a little gasp, and a long whimpering moan as his cock stiffened and flexed, and then Hephaestian felt on his tongue the hot liquid, salty and thick, as it began to fill up his mouth and gather on the back of his tongue.

Breathing hard and letting a loud moan that vibrated Lucas’s cock escape him, Hephaestian felt his own cock coming to the pinnacle of it’s pleasure, and jerking furiously, he felt the orgasm in the tip of his cock run down the length of it to the base, and begin to shake his whole body, his eyes behind their lids rolling back with unspeakable pleasure as the last of Lucas’s come filled his mouth and his warm cock remained firmly between his lips, the hot orgasm stabbing it’s way into the end of Hephaestian’s cock, his own come shooting hard out of the opening in his foreskin and onto the ground below him, racking his body again and again with each shot, the amount of hot come that coated his fingers lessening with each spasm, all the while moaning loudly, desperately, with each shot, until finally the consuming pleasure began to subside, and was replaced with a gentle, light-headed calm.

Hephaestian pulled his mouth back from Lucas’s cock and swallowed the warm liquid built up in his mouth, and kissed the tip of the cock he had sucked as more come still oozed it’s way out of the opening, and Hephaestian let his tongue gently press into the opening and taste the salty-sweet liquid. With his heart pounding in his chest and his body weak from it’s orgasm, he had a hard time standing up, but steadied himself with his left hand, and immediately kissed Lucas gently and lovingly, wrapping his left arm around Lucas’s naked waist and pulling him close, coiling his right arm around his lover without touching him with the hand that still dripped his own come onto the ground. The swelling in their spent cocks began to gently go down as Lucas’s half-erect organ touched Hephaestian’s much thicker cock, which still dripped come onto the ground beneath him from it’s head, covered all but for the tip and the tiny opening there by it’s hood of foreskin.

Both he and Lucas let out moans of relief and Hephaestian’s head was swimming as his chest began to fill up with warmth, holding his beloved in his arms, the love that he felt for Lucas growing so big that he felt it might actually find some way to burst from his body at any moment. Tingling all over with satisfaction and with the gentle weakness that is the love of another, he held Lucas tight and with his unsoiled left hand, laid his lover’s head against his own naked chest, stroking his hair and kissing it.

“I love you, Luke.” He whispered.

Lucas kissed Hephaestian’s chest. “I love you so much, Hephaestian.”

They stayed there, Lucas in Hephaestian’s arms, breathing together, the light afternoon breeze against their naked bodies, warmth filling their chests and their heads, for a long time.


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