You Are Cordially Invited…

You Are Cordially Invited To An Orgy At My House At 7:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Straight boys and gay boys just come gather round
And take all your clothes off we’ll all fool around
Bi boys and trans boys
We’re just getting started
So turn on the lights relax sit back enjoy it
And young boys and grown boys
And black boys and white boys
And brown boys and red boys
And small boys and big boys
British, American
German and others
Come on over get under my covers
There’s enough room in this bed for five people
But let’s see if we can fit more than we’re able
You’re small you’re gigantic
Embarrassed or confident
If there’s a trace of male in you I want it
And I do not care about your natural endowments
You’ll pull your hair squirm and kick your legs regardless
Don’t call me a whore, call me a crowd pleaser
I’m not a virgin and I’m not a cock teaser

The music’s loud enough
Scream if you want to
Let me see you smile
Let me fuck you fuck you fuck you love you
Just for a minute and we won’t tell
Our little secret on this white painted road to hell

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