I’m Getting A Sweet Necklace!

It's this one. The one Lightning's wearing.

It’s this one. The one Lightning’s wearing.

Remember when my blog used to have pictures and I would talk about my life and what I was doing and stuff? Yeah, I haven’t done that in a long while, mainly for a couple of reasons: first, a LOT has changed since the last time I actually talked about my life here in my blog, and second I haven’t had a computer I could sit down at and write on very frequently. Over the last year I attempted to start another blog where I reviewed books and video games, but I ultimately gave up on doing that and just moved them here. I’ll still do a review of something if I feel like it, but it just doesn’t feel right to have my writing separated into different places.

There’s a lot to talk about, and when I really have a chance to sit down and talk about it I will. The last time I remember writing about my life, I was still getting over my ex-boyfriend, I had just moved to Georgia, and I was working at Five Guys and really hoping for a job at Pottery Barn. Since then, so many things have happened: I met a new guy who I’ve been with for a year and a half or so, I moved back to South Carolina, I’ve gone through maybe five jobs, I actually got a Playstation 2 again and have amassed almost all of the Final Fantasy games, as well as playing the new ones (as evidenced by my reference to Lightning at the beginning). My immense iTunes library has continued to grow, I got a Kindle Fire on my birthday, I am STILL reorganizing Florence + the Machine’s B-Sides, and I actually did an admirable job at trying to reach a lofty reading goal for this year. Before the year is out I hope to a summary review of the books I’ve read this year and do another summary review of the video games I’ve played.

I have gained quite a bit of weight. I’ve gained weight before and yes, it’s going to of course make me feel self-conscious, but it’s actually a really unhealthy amount of weight, and I’m starting to have trouble doing simple things like standing up from a chair without breathing really hard. It’s worrysome, and my body is COVERED in stretch marks. It ain’t pretty. But, I really genuinely think I’m about to join a gym, and however it happens, I’m really going to lose the weight. And by “the weight” I don’t mean the weight I’ve recently gained, I mean the weight I’ve been carrying around since I was 10 years old and stopped being a skinny kid and started being a chubby/fat kid. I’m not hear to judge how much anyone else weighs, and for the record I think boys who are a bit chubby are absolutely sexy, but for me personally, this is about becoming healthy and achieving a goal that I’ve had for about 13 years now. I mean, I’m in a relationship, but if I ever DID want to pursue being in porn (which is always a fun sidequest I’ve had in mind just if I feel like it), then I’d need to have the body to do it right?

So, there will be more to come soon! This blog is getting stale and boring, and that ain’t cool, homie! Okay, I admit my grammar has been less than wonderful in this posting, and that, sirs and madams, is unexcusable. Also I’m jacked up on Mountain Dew. And now, here’s the necklace that I’m anxiously anticipating arriving in the mail (for the record, it’s a Christmas present from the boyfriend, and also for the record if you want one, it’s fairly inexpensive and I’m like… 80 percent sure it’s official Square Enix merchandise).

I can't wait! I'm gonna be a l'Cie! "I'm no one's slave!"

I can’t wait! I’m gonna be a l’Cie! “I’m no one’s slave!”

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