What Remains

What Remains

It’s made of gold and it shines brightly from within
It is lit by love
And I’m alone in a desert, and it is pressed into the ground
I am trapped, held by this golden, beautiful thing
Sometimes I hate it, this chain that holds me from reaching water,
From reaching the oases surrounding me
But then I see the glimmer of it’s light, like the sparkle in the eyes of Heaven
And I love it, though it holds me captive
Though it is responsible for my thirst, though I cannot move away from the empty, dry land
And I become angry, and remember myself
And I pull from it, and it even weakens
But I realize that there are no manacles holding me to the bright, shining chain
It is twisted around my hand and it is not tied
I grabbed hold of it myself
I drop to my knees, tears pouring from eyes onto the bright links
Oh my love, how can I leave you, here in this desert
How can I abandon you?
Though you may have dropped me here in this wasteland,
The bright, golden chain is all I have left from our love
It is pure and it is brilliant in the light of the setting sun
By the moonlight of the desert I lie on the ground, I wrap the chain around my body and sleep
How can I ever leave you?


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