Cow’s Milk

I had a bad day
And I drank from a cow’s teet
And I felt motherly love
And it tasted sweet
I had a bad night
And fell on my knees I think
And the cow told me not to worry
Just to drink
And I tasted warm love
My insides heating, my outsides numb
And I felt so happy because life was a dream
And from the outside I understood
And with joy I did scream
And fell on my back, I was drunk and I was fine
And the cow smiled gently and touched her cheek to mine
And said, “Child now you see we live for who we are.”
And I think a thanked her kindly


The frogs are singing, the trees are dripping
And Jesus is a blonde boy laying in my bed
With a soft gentle smile he lays with me
And kisses me and then he lifts his face to look at me
Those blue eyes, penetrating
We dance, we’re in love
We all are pulsing, we are pink, life is salty
We are covered in love

Water Song

I’m from a town where it rains forever
Day and night, the downpour never stops
Sometimes it falls off, I like to walk in the afternoon
The rivers running over, and the flowers always in bloom
Life is the nature of our city
Our world in the orchard, protected by the rain
You came, you wandered in, and took me by surprise
You squeezed my fingers and held me from behind
When your lips touched my skin, the river overflowed and I dove in
We swam, turning, kissing beneath the lakes and seas
Our love, the very essence of the rain and life my city breathed
We held one another close deep in the oceans
The rain fell faster, the water engulfed the forests
The sky was a deep shade of painter’s gray
We broke the surface and breathed in the life
Of our worlds
Our rainy fields


So you take a deep breath and you hold it in your lungs
Because the harder you run, the stronger the fear becomes
And I can’t keep praying for forgiveness because I’m already clean
And I can’t keep asking for things that I never needed


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