Riddles it the working title. Rap, who knew?


Get your hands off each other, get ’em on to me
I say something special about 1, 2, 3
Boys in the room, buddy in the middle
Turn around baby are you big, are you little
Well you show me his, he’ll show you mine
We’ll all fit together the way we were designed
It ain’t trashy baby, it’s refined
We got nothing on our hands but time
We got something in our pants it’s fine
Come here tell me what’s on your mind
I can’t decide if it’s wrong or if it’s right
There’s a boy in the front and a boy right behind
We got seventeen minutes and an empty room
Candles, handles, and a bottle of lube
Don’t care in the bed, in the chair, on the ground
Put on your gloves, come here, get down
Show me that what you want it and you just might get it
If you’re so damn talented show me how you pivot
Work if you like it
Beg if you want it
The bottom fucking line is we’ve just gotten started
If you wanna make me happy, man
Just throw me down don’t hold my hand
I’ll hold up my end if you hold up yours
Quit stalling baby, just lock the hallway doors


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