Jesse Colton

I dreamed about you again
I wanted you back again
Lately I’ve noticed, I miss you
Like a ring, invisible, carved into my skin
Not that I can’t survive
Just that I can’t live

I can’t sit on my heels
Reminds of the night we met
And I laid beside you, ashamed and afraid
Alone and alive for the first time
And I laid on top of you, your body was warm
The sun lit the pools of your eyes
All the places I could touch
All the places I loved

And now he walks along the field I planted
Pulling up my fruits, cutting down my trees
But he doesn’t know you, not the way I do
He doesn’t smell you in the breeze
He doesn’t miss you
He doesn’t remember you

Maybe I’ll find the one, maybe I’ll laugh at you
Maybe I’ll live to see light
Maybe I won’t cry
When he doesn’t have your smile

You are forever etched into my skin
A watermark upon my heart
Bruised and awake I am
Scratched and forsaken
I think I’m starting to cry
I think I forgot you
I think I believe you
I think that I might be alive


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