HOPE? You’re Kidding Me!

Erm… okay, so the plan changed… again.

Doug apologized for being an ass. We’re on better terms now, and have agreed not to rush things so much. Also, he can’t leave for California immediately because he doesn’t have the money right now, and I, alas, have no money. Meanwhile, one of my good friends, Tony, in Virginia, is hunting around to see if there’s anything he can find me.

But there is promise on the horizon! The Bitch is moving soon, to Georgia! Now, why is that promising for me, you ask? After all, I’ve already gotten out of her house and away from her forever. But she gave me my job back, cleaning houses with her. While the job admittedly pays, well, jack shit, she is moving to Georgia very soon, and if I can get a car in time…

..she’ll give the business to me.

I mean, it’s a perfectly good business with no one else to run it. I’m the only other person the clients know, trust, and frankly, who knows how to do the job. Also, getting paid about the whole $100-$125 per job as oppose to my current $24 per job would be much more desirable. My main objective now is to find a place, HERE, without moving out of the state, and near enough to Charlotte that I can continue working with my mother.

I of course did the unthinkable and asked if I could stay with her temporarily as a tenant-landlord thing. She of course refuted the offer. Just as well, I’ll keep my sanity thank you.

So! The current goal is: FIND A PLACE TO LIVE. Okay, that’s been the goal, but I’m actually kind of actively doing something now, and I’m very glad to have a job back. I need to get my license, perhaps I can ask Evil Incarnate to help me with this… after all, I do need a car to take the test in. Or in this case, an SUV.

As of things at this moment, I’m still at Nathan’s house. However, his dad wants me out, and won’t stop incessantly bitching about me to Nathan, which is causing everyone a good deal of aggravation. I can’t stay here much longer. The best best is a family friend, Scott. He told me if I had a job, he’d consider giving me a place to stay. Of course he lives in a one-bedroom house, and both of his children along with one other person are already there, so all I would get is a spot on the floor. But hey, it’s something. His son also, in classic soap-opera fashion, happens to be my first puppy-love, from when I was 15. I never have fucked him, and it’s still an interesting prospect. Of course, I also developed an acute bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when I lived with him once, and I’m now afraid to touch him, or anything he’s touched. Irony. Huh.

I’m feeling much better now that I have a fucking JOB back. Hopefully Jesse can put off moving to California until he’s been signed to a record label and goes out for his first headlining tour. What will happen next? Who knows? But one thing’s for sure: my blog entries are certainly becoming more dramatic. Although most people probably wouldn’t find my drama too interesting.

So, for your entertainment, and since I haven’t posted a photo in so long, here’s something mildly amusing I found in Hot Topic a while back.


The best part is, the person who mislabeled it… probably did it on purpose.


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