And Do I Have, of Course I Have Beneath My Raincoat… I Have Your Photograph

Tonight, I took the New King James Bible that was given to me when I was about 11 years old from the top drawer of my dresser.

I ripped the pages out.

I pulled the binding apart.

I tore the cover into pieces.

And I slammed my foot down on what remained.

Somewhere, Christ weeps for me.


2 thoughts on “And Do I Have, of Course I Have Beneath My Raincoat… I Have Your Photograph

  1. Jesse, Christ weeps for you because He loves you and you are very special to him. He knows and understands that on the inside you are a wonderful soul but are at the moment wounded and disappointed. Life disappointments can produce bitterness. He wants you to know that He’s been waiting for you to come to him and talk to him, pour your heart out if you wish. He leaves that choice to you.. but He’s waiting.

  2. I imagine Christ weeping for me because I know that he understands how dissapointed I am. I appreciate that you recognize that, and thank you for your compassion.

    Unfortunately, subscribing to the belief that one man is God, and that there is one way to reach the Divine, and that, should you turn away from him, you end up in a place of infinite torture, is just silly. The Divine Mother takes whatever form she chooses, and has spoken to us throughout history as Christ, Krishna, Buddha, and many others. The truth is that God is easier to understand than a big guy in sky with a rulebook: anyone who has seen love has seen God. Anyone who embraces hope and truth, who leads people to love another, rather than divides them, has seen, has known, and is God, because God exists within every person, the Divine exists within all living beings, and if one wants to see God they have only to look at anything with life flowing through it.

    God is so much better than Christianity paints him to be. God is so much GREATER than he’s depicted in Christianity. God is intangible, God does not live somewhere else in a place called Heaven but right here, with us, and within us all, from the moment we are born. No one needs to accept the gift of one man’s sacrifice for their sins to be forgiven, because there is no one to transgress against but oneself. We are not born sinners, we are born REAL, we are born with all things within us.

    You, unlike most Christians, did not approach me with harsh judgement, but compassion, and I thank you for that.

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