Lately I’ve noticed
I miss you like
There’s something stuck in my chest

A ring
Invisible, but carved into my skin
I feel it on me
Not every moment, but sometimes

If only you’d seen me
If only you’d seen
If only I’d been

And it’s funny
To realize
After we’re done
That this was the truest I’d ever been
And the whole time I felt like I was lying

So maybe one day
I’ll meet him
Dream boy I always thought about when we were together
And maybe I won’t cry
Because he doesn’t have your smile

I remember
Who I was
When we first met
It’s always so pure
The past
Am I the only one
Who always feels like a reflection
A dim version
A bulb burning out
A fire dwindling
But like the crying bird
We burn
And we live
We live again

If I think too much, I’ll stop hurting
I prefer the pain
I prefer to think of you

But still

Happy new year everyone.


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