another pilot down

Not The Red Baron
Tori Amos

not the red baron
not charlie brown
think i got the message figured
another pilot down
and are their devils with halos
in beautiful capes
taking them into the flames

not judy g
not jean jean with a hallowed
i see that screen go
down in the flames
with every step with every beautiful heel

not the red baron i’m sure
not charlie’s wonderful dog
not anyone i really know
just another pilot down
maybe i’ll just sing him a last
little sound many there know some girls
with red ribbons
the prettiest

I’ve been listening to Tori a lot lately. She’s such an inspiration as a performer, and in many ways, but when I see her performances from the first three tours (especially the Dew Drop Inn tour in 1996, which promoted Boys For Pele), I am so inspired. The way Tori lays bare her soul at the piano is something I’d like to do, and something I love doing when I get the house to myself and sit down in front of my piano. I pretend that there’s a crowd of adoring friends watching me, who find me to be an inspiration, who think I’m beautiful, who think that music has meaning, who see and love that weird boy who played in the yard by himself when he was 12 years old, who spoke into his pillow and masturbated every night and spent the weekends covered in his semen, the boy who walked in the woods on the train tracks, the boy who gasps and hisses when he plays the way Tori does.

…but who isn’t a copy. Who is original. Who is special. Who has so much to say.

So much.


2 thoughts on “another pilot down

    • Yeah, I did kind of a little session the other day but I didn’t record it. After my sinus infection, my voice has been taking it’s precious time coming back to me entirely and I want to be in top form for the recording. It’s sad, my falsetto is struggling to return to it’s former glory. My voice needs to hurry up and heal

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