New Song Time!

In the vein of Ke$ha; I wanted to do a fun verse-rap song. I’m looking forward to composing some music to go behind it.

(Oh, and also, Parental Advisory: Explicit Content.)

The Teacher Song (Trevor)
Jesse Colton

Trevor, you teach algebra
And you know I adore you
But I just can’t help thinking
I want you to teach me more (ooh!)

Trevor, Trevor, dressed in leather
Every night in my dreams
I can be your tailor
Now I’ve gotta take your inseem

Trevor, Trevor I can give but I know how to take it
Teach me how the grown-ups play around when they get naked

Mr. Trevor, hot as fuck
I’ll grab onto your tie
And ride you into the new year
So hard it makes me cry!

Trevor, please let’s be together
You’ll make me a man
I’ll spend the day beneath your desk
And no one knows just where I am
‘Cause I’ve got everything I need
Between your legs and on my knees

Oh Trevor, Trevor don’t hold back
They can’t see what we’re doing
You make me blush when you walk past
You write on the board, I stare at your ass

I know if don’t concentrate you might give me detention
I’m more concerned with what’s beneath those pants to pay attention

Cut a me-sized hole in your podium tomorrow
And I’ll stay there while you teach the class how to add and borrow

Trevor, let me see your eyes roll into the back of your head
Don’t you worry, I won’t tell
Our secret love is hot as hell
You can tap me anytime
Just call me out of class
Bend me over in the back of the room
And Trevor, own that ass

In my yearbook by your name’s a little tiny star
But still I sit here staring, wondering just how big you are
Trevor, I wish I could see those pants around your ankles
You’re my senior year wet dream
When I see you I wanna cream

Trevor, Trevor, I may never
Get to suck your cock
But you’re my teenage fantasy
(spoken) Oh my gosh I can’t even do this anymore, just fuck me already, please

Yes, I am a dirty, dirty boy.


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