What Happens in School…

“What do you think it is?” He extended his finger, on the end of which sat a small, faintly red speck. It honestly looked a bit like a scab. I held his finger, simply for the sake of holding his finger, and peered in for a closer look, ready to milk this situation for all it was worth.

“Definitely not a flea or a tick or anything.” I said in my best medical-analysis voice.

“I don’t know man, but I thought you might know, ’cause you, uh…”

I tilted my eyes up toward him and raised my eyebrows, “Because I deal so often with the penis?”

He looked embarassed, and a little ashamed. That just made him, and the situation, a thousand times cuter. “Somethin’ like that.”

My heart was already racing, because the plan had formed in my mind, and I was almost certain that execution was possible. I felt blood pumping hot into my brain, and took as deep a breath as I could without breaking my relaxed appearance. Stay calm, you have to play your cards right. I told myself.

Finally I spoke. “Let me take a look at it and see if it left a mark.”

“What?” He asked, shocked, but not too shocked. Almost like he knew it was inevitable. I was, after all, the closest thing he had on hand to a urologist.

“Let me see it.” I said in a calm, matter-of-fact tone. Not threatening, a little lilty. Perfect intonation.

He glanced around the bathroom. I read his thoughts. “No one’s going to come in, we’re in the most derelict section of the school.”

“The most what?” he asked.

Damn. I forgot I had to speak football-player.

“There’s nobody here, school’s out. Nobody’s gonna come down this hallway.” I assured him, my voice both soothing and leading. I think some part of me actually felt guilty, it really was like taking candy from a baby. A large, muscled, and perhaps well-endowed baby.

He checked around the room again and undid his belt.

Oh my god, he’s doing it! A voice in my headed squealed.

Shut up! Pay attention! Another voice responded to the first.

I agree, I butted in, we have to keep our head in the game here. We’re almost home.

My heart continued to race and my eyes went blurry for just a moment when he pulled the zipper down. Underneath his jeans were Calvin Klein boxers that were probably once a soft red, but now a light shade of peach from wear.

The waistband wrapped tightly around his hips, and a happy trail that was either naturally scenic or well-manacured led down into the depths below. It sounds weird, but I swear I could smell the pheremones coming off of him. So much testosterone, and I was actually about to get to see where it all came from.

His thumbs nervously reached into the elastic waste band. For an agonizingly long few seconds, he looked around the room again. His jeans were at his knees, but as he began to pull his boxers down, the jeans dropped to his ankles.

It happened so fast, and yet the situation was so stunning that I couldn’t believe it. He inched his boxers down slowly at first, and then, as though in defeat, he whipped them all the way down to his ankles and stood straight up

Holy. Fucking. Jesus.

There it was. My life was complete. I now understood that every insult, every slam against a locker, everything anyone had ever done to me because I was gay, everything that had ever kept me up at night, crying my eyes out, had led up to this moment. God way paying me back what was owed to me. He was saying, “Sorry it took so long, but here’s something to make up for it all.” And did it ever.

It was magnificent. His cock was hanging there, semi-erect, either from some socially-repressed homosexual desire, or a yet undiscovered exhibitionist spirit. In it’s current form, my guess was 5 inches, but it was very slowly growing. It would be something to behold when fully erect.

Make it so, an oddly Yoda-like voice in my head commanded in response to that thought.

I didn’t hide the stunned expression when I first laid eyes on it, I knew he’d like that, but I did attempt to remain businesslike. He had, after all, come to me in a moment of fear. Stupidity, but fear as well. He was actually afraid something was wrong with his dick. Indeed, a close examination was in order.

I got to my knees in front of his cock, like I had imagined myself doing a number of times that will remain unspecified. I gingerly reached out a hand and pulled the shaft up from his balls (they were low-hangers, God help me), and brought my face a little closer, making sure that my gesturing was one of close inspection and not necessarily indicative of my well-hidden oral desires.

“You said it was on the head?” I pryed my eyes away from his cock to look up as I asked the question. It would make me seem more businesslike, and I also got to see the scared puppy-dog look in his eyes.

He nodded, and I think I heard a little gulp.

From this angle, I could see every inch of it, and believe you me, the mental camera was taking a frame-by-frame for what was sure to be thousands of later instant replays. His pubic hair was actually well-kempt, and extended up each side of his shaft just a bit. The dorsal vein running along the top was large, even though his cock was still semi-erect. I could see the large vein running along the side, surrounded by all the smaller ones. His balls, as I mentioned, hung low, the left hanging lower than the right, and he hadn’t made too much of an effort to shave his balls, only trim them, so the short hairs covering his sack were both expected and added an even more “straight” feel to his cock. I was dying to know if his perineum and his asshole were shaved, I was betting on there being about a 90% chance they weren’t, but I wasn’t about to push my luck.

My own cock had left an ever-growing wet spot in my underwear, and it pressed furiously against my jeans to get out. Not now, I told it unconsciously, this isn’t about you. Yet.

Snapping back to the situation, I remembered that I was supposed to be examining his head. I wanted to just marinate in how awesome of a situation that was, but I decided to keep things progressing. “Left side or right?”

He brought a shaking finger down to touch a spot on the right side of his head. I took two fingers and gently pulled the head up to take a closer look, not actually inspecting because clearly his cock was just fine, but making it appear that I was formulating an analysis. As I brought my face closer, the smell hit me. I don’t know why it hadn’t yet, but when it hit me my eyes nearly rolled into the back of my head. It was coming from every inch of it, every pubic hair, and radiating from his balls.

“You see anything?” he asked.

You can’t actually hold his cock all day. You have no more reason to stay down here. A voice said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Shut up! I’ll think of one. I told it.

If you ever want to get a chance at sucking this monster, now is the only time. Finally, a voice that was on my side. Once this is over, he’s going to be so ashamed of himself that he’ll probably never speak to you again, much less let you back in his pants.

Then what do I do? I asked the voice, which must surely have belonged to an  angel, because he was here on God’s work.

Make your offer. He said.

I actually nodded visibly, but luckily it came off looking like I had made my decision as to what the issue was. I sat down a little on the backs of my shoes, bringing my head further down so that his cock was now slightly more aroused and hanging a few inches from being between my eyes. I looked up at him calmly, and in a your-test-results-are-in voice, gave my analysis. “I think it was a scab. A very small scab, you just jerked it too much.”

“It’ll scab if you jerk it too much?”

Wow, you really are a dedicated athlete if you can’t even devote enough time to jerking off to leave a scab. A blister, at least!

“Yes.” I replied calmly.

He sighed in relief, and his cock bounced slightly with the moving of his body. I could now see the trail of hair leading from underneath his balls into glorious realms I would probably never get the chance to probe.

There was an awkward pause where he clearly wanted to pull his pants up, but neither of us knew what formality had to come before that.

And besides, I had much more adventurous plans anyway.

“I could suck it, you know.” I don’t know why I said it, I didn’t even think the words beforehand, they just came out.

His eyes widened a little.

Fool! one of the voices screamed.

Stay calm, you’ve still got him. He hasn’t run away yet. The angel rebutted.

“Uh, no, that’d be pretty gay.”

“Not really.” Again, I was not thinking about this, the words were just coming out, calm and resounding. I think my subconscious had decided it was going to take over the straight-guy-molesting. Fine with me.

“Yeah, really.” He replied, slightly defensive. However, his cock actually jumped a bit, and came very near to touching my forehead. I smiled back at him. Your body is giving you away.

“A mouth is a mouth,” my subconscious continued speaking for me, “And gay guys are much better at it than girls. You’ve probably never had a really good blowjob. Girls don’t know what they’re doing, they don’t know how to work it. But I know what every inch of your cock feels like, and I can make you come like you never have before.”

Damn, subconscious, that was a little strong wasn’t it?

Of course my subconscious wouldn’t have the courtesy to respond.

Guy looked a little puzzled, clearly having an internal battle. His cock jumped again and he sighed in defeat. “Alright, but be quick.”

Hold on a second.


The world was frozen.

He actually agreed.

I didn’t know what I was doing anymore.

I couldn’t think.

The smell.

It was in my hands, plumping up with his excitement.

And now it was in my mouth, passing gently through my lips, and I fit half of it into my mouth.

Oh my God, it tasted so good. My cock pleaded for release beneath my pants. I had a feeling if I rubbed it against my leg the right way, I could probably come right now.

I normally had a gag reflex. Thankfully, my subconcious, or God, or whoever, decided to remove it for the moment, that I may better do my duties. This was, after all, a mission of holiness.

I sucked. It’s important to actually suck. “Sucking” cock is not just a term, you do need to literally suck. I wasn’t aware of this for a long time, but of course by this point I knew better. My bag of tricks was ready, and I was pulling out all the stops.

The first step was to suck, pulling it into my mouth without using my hands or even inclining my neck, just sucking it into the back of my mouth. I tried to run my tongue along the bottom, but it was in too far, and that would definitely trigger the gag reflex. Considering it hadn’t kicked in yet, I wasn’t about to look the gift horse-cock in the mouth.

My fingers found their way to his balls, and tickled them lightly, because as I mentioned his sack was covered in fine hairs, and light touching would stimulate them more. I started to work my head forward. Girls in porn don’t know how to suck cock, they’re all theatrical. Guys in porn usually do a better job. I do a better job than both. Seriously, I’m the blowjob master.

My head was moving in something of a pile-driver motion, my neck inclining just the right way for me to keep pushing his cock into my throat without gagging, and have it actually go down. My throat was warmer, and tighter, and he would enjoy the feel more. Every now and then I pulled back to about halfway through the length to give myself a moment to breathe, during which I found myself moaning unintentionally. After the first moan, I got really into it.

My inhibitions were gone. I wasn’t hunting anymore. I was in for the kill, and I was going to enjoy the hell out of myself. An oppurtunity like this might never come again, and while it was true that my body and mind were basically gone now, the voices in my head all watching, awestruck, and I working purely on animal instinct, I had enough brain power to recognize the gravity of the situation.

During one of my breaks for air (I never actually took his cock out of my mouth, that’s an important rule to follow, especially for a great blowjob, which this was lining up to be), I looked to see his facial expression. He had leaned his head back, his mouth was open, and he was breathing heavily. I tasted precum amongst the buildup of saliva, and knew he was getting closer. My hands grazed the underside of his balls, daring to journey further, in the direction of his asshole, and he actually opened his legs to allow me access to his perineum. It was just as hairy as I imagined, and I rubbed two fingers against it, massaging his prostate from the outside.

The only drawback to a blowjob in which you never remove the cock from your mouth is that it’s hard to swallow all the saliva that builds up, and at this point I was willing just to let it overflow. Spit was dripping down his balls, and I lunged forward to take as much as I could, my eyes tearing up from the exertion as it pressed against my throat and jumped inside my mouth.

His breathing turned vocal, and I felt his hand grasping my hair. He was definitely getting close. I tasted more precum, and tried to keep his cock as close to the back of my mouth as possible, and rubbed harder against his perinium. I couldn’t taste his cock very well through the excess of saliva, but it didn’t matter, what was important now was to coax the sweet nectar from his cock that I was craving more than I’d ever wanted anything.

“Fuck,” he whispered, and began thrusting his cock into my mouth, banging against the back of my throat and causing me a fair amount of pain, but I was willing to accept it. “Fuck,” he continued thrusting, and pulled on my hair, actually having the audacity to push my head closer. He did know that I would die if I didn’t breathe, right? I didn’t care. His cock was thrusting in my mouth, and he was moaning. Moaning! I was hearing the moans of a straight football player, his heavenly cock plump and rigid above my tongue and between my lips.

“Fuck,” he chanted, “fuck, fuck, I’m gonna come. Oh shit, oh fuck I’m gonna come.”

In one motion my hand squeezed his shaft and began jerking him as my mouth pulled off, and I watched in spellbound anticipation.

“Fuck,” he repeated, “fuck I’m gonna cum.” I jerked him faster. “I’m gonna come, I’m gonna… I, I, I’m coming. Oh shit!”

His cock tensed and shot a huge volume of his warm semen onto my lips. I hadn’t thought to open my mouth to take it in, so I did so now as he shot again, even more coming this time, warm as the first, some hitting the side of my mouth and some going in to land on my tongue. It tasted so fucking sweet. The third shot actually reached the back of my mouth and touched my throat. I almost coughed, but I was okay, and I kept jerking as he shot again, less this time as it touched my bottom lip, and I reveled in the taste of his still warm semen sitting on my tongue. He shot once more, much less now, it touched my chin, and a final shot that barely grazed my chin as his cock tensed and the semen fell in a long strand, presumably to land on his undies below.

He was leaned back against the wall, breathing hard. I closed my mouth and my eyes, moaning as I tasted his come, and swallowed. I looked up and smiled, my lips open, his semen on the side of my mouth, across my lips, and now dripping from my chin.

“Good wasn’t it?” I asked.

“Oh shit, man.” He breathed. His cock left my hand as he actually stooped down, and took my face in his hands. My eyes widened.

Dear God, surely you wouldn’t be so merciful. He’s not actually going to…

He kissed me. He closed his eyes, inclined his head, leaned forward, and kissed me, actually sucking the come off of my lips. He licked it from the side of my mouth and licked it from my chin, and then kissed me again, this time slipping his tongue in, mine gingerly touching his, as if questioning if it were allowed to do more. He pulled back from me gently, tenderly, almost lovingly, and smiled very slightly.

He stood up, reached down, and pulled his boxers and his jeans up at the same time, covering up that gorgeously-crafted penis and hiding it from me for what could be the rest of forever. I looked up at him, the tiny bits of come he missed still drying on my mouth, and the expression on my face was surely a mixture of confusion and bliss, my eyes wide.

He half-smiled. “Pretty good, man. Maybe I’ll call you next time I need one.”

With that, he patted my hair, as if to say, “Good boy.” and calmly walked out of the bathroom. I listened to the sound of his shoes touching the tiled floor outside, and then he was walking up the hall, and then I couldn’t hear him anymore.

I fell down on my butt on the disgusting bathroom floor.

“Oh my God.” I said aloud. I looked up to Heaven, wearing Guy’s cum on my mouth like a badge of honor. “Thank you so much, God.” I said to the heavens. “You are truly a merciful God, who has blessed me bountifully.”

Being of a generally impish nature, and familiar with my routine, I found my way into the stall and jerked off, coming in about 4 seconds and shooting cum onto the wall. I just let it stay there, cascading down and drying on the wall. Some people wrote dirty messages with markers. I was more poetic.

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