The Number of Limbs on A Starfish

So today we’re going to try something new; I’m going to try my own adaptation of a friend’s weekly feature, the Friday 5. Here are 5 things that are just at the forefront of my mind right now.

1: The Ting Ting’s

The Ting Ting’s are a British indie pop duo, Jules DeMartino, age 36, and Katie White, age 26. I actually have known about The Ting Ting’s for a long time, I’m even going to say probably long than some of you have. I used to spend a lot of time on back in 2008, and at that time it actually worked pretty well. Often when a new album came out, the whole thing would be available to listen to for free on Playlist, and I heard a few things before everyone else this way. I actually heard most of Britney Spears’ album Circus this way, but everyone knew about Britney’s new release, they didn’t know The Ting Ting’s so well.

Their album We Started Nothing was on the front page for about a week, and I listened to a couple of songs. My favorite was called We Walk, a song which I just listened to again for the first time in a while, and was really really impressed with. I didn’t even remember there being an awesome piano intro. The Ting Ting’s sound is really cool, it’s just a mix of all kinds of different things that sound good.

So of course, about a year later, when I saw We Started Nothing in stores, and their number 1 UK single That’s Not My Name started playing on the radio, I had the familiar notion that I always know about things before everyone else. I actually didn’t like That’s Not My Name very much, however, nor did I remember being very impressed with their albm when it was streamed on Playlist, so I had little interest.

Last night, I listened to We Walk again, and I was really surprised. I now have this feeling that they might become my new favorite band. Either way, I want to get their album. The only problem is, as usual, I can’t decide between the regular edition and the deluxe edition. I just like the regular edition’s cover, and I could probably get it in stores. Also, the regular edition of the album apparently comes in different colors, but so far I’ve just seen two different covers, both red, one of which involved the two bandmates being black and white.

I read an interesting article about The Ting Ting’s, describing their music as being whatever they like it to be, rather than going for any certain sound. They also have their own tradition called “paint parties,” where they invite people to come to a show, at which everyone paints blank canvases along the walls, and one another as well. This actually leads nicely into my second topic.

2: Paper Magazine

I haven’t heard of it before, but I read their article about The Ting Ting’s online, and there’s a pretty awesome picture of Kesha on their “music issue.” For those two reasons alone, I want to subscribe to this magazine. It’s only 10 dollars for a year subscription! I’d like to have an awesome magazine coming in the mail and telling me what’s up with all my musicians, and perhaps teaching me about art and fashion.

3: Good Music Returns!

Speaking of music, there have been some interesting musical developments for me lately. First of all, has anyone noticed a significant increase in the quality of pop music lately? Apart from Eminem and his awful, bigotted cheauvanistic, homophobic, self-absorbed, whiney “music,” I’ve really been pleased with the radio of late. Dance seems to be making a legitimate comeback, and between Enrique Iglasias’ new song, Teenage Dream being on the radio, and an increase in dance-oriented hip hop, things seem to be improving quite nicely in my opinion.

And on the subject of music, a couple of days ago I ordered two albums from Best Buy’s website (after ordering a Tori Amos CD from Barens and Noble and waiting about a week for it, I’m not quite as trusting of them anymore when it comes to quick delivery): Sara Bareilles’ new album (in digipak!), Kaleidoscope Heart, and Katy Perry’s new album (also in digipak!), Teenage Dream. I’d been debating with myself on whether or not to buy Katy’s new album, but finally I decided to go ahead and do it, I’d probably regret it if I didn’t.

Which reminds me, about a week ago I found the California Gurls single in Walmart! Now, I know I’ve had some nasty things to say about Katy Perry, and that song in particular, but that was mostly in defence of Gaga. Besides, I’ve had negative opinions on pretty much all of my favorite musicians at some point, and now I’ve just given up on it. Nobody’s really doing any harm, it’s all fun and musical, so why fight it? Anyway, when I found the California Gulrs single (for only 2 dollars by the way), I decided not to get it, but for the next week, it just wouldn’t leave me alone: “It was a single! In America! You never see singles in America! It was only two dollars, if you didn’t like it you could have just tucked it away or given it to someone else!” So when we stopped by Walmart yesterday and the California Gurls single was still there, I of course grabbed it instantly. Not to imply I just happened across it, I’d been premeditating buying it for days.

Sara Bareilles’ new album has been out for a few days and it’s already number one on the iTunes album charts. Sara is really thrilled about this, and she should be, she’s a great musician. During my uncreative phase, I listened to The Fame by Lady Gaga, and Sara’s first album, Little Voice, constantly, and I was surprised when I wasn’t finding myself inspired by either, because I was listening to nothing else, and not really enjoying myself. So basically, I shoved Little Voice down my own throat so much that I stopped liking it, but after having some time away from it, I’ve come to see it’s a really good album, and the reviews of Kaleidoscope Heart are very favorable. There were actually quite a few chances to get a little spoiler of the album, two different songs were made available for listening on different websites, and Sara streamed the entire album a couple of days before it’s released, but I’ve been vigilant in waiting to actually have the album in my hands before listening to it.

The only song I have heard from the new album is King of Anything, which I enjoy, and I’ve heard a thirsty second clip of the “Strings Version” from an EP that Sara released digitally on the same day as the new album, the Kaelidoscope EP. I was tempted to buy this yesterday, but I decided I’ll wait until I’ve had some time with the album to get the EP.

4: An Old Pasttime Resurfaces?

When I was about 11, my favorite game in the world was Sonic Adventure, on Sega Dreamcast. When my cousin brought home Sonic Adventure 2, I’d already been psyched up from all of the ads I’d seen in video game magazines showing a dark, evil version of Sonic known as Shadow. When we played the game, I was crazy about this character, a black hedgehog with red stripes, whose general shape is similar to Sonic’s superpowered Super Sonic form, who matches Sonic perfectly in speed without running, but using a pair of rocket-powered futuristic skate-shoes. I loved watching Shadow skate around so much that I actually decided to learn to skate on a pair of inline roller blades.

So now picture this: me in 2001, walking through the grass in skates to an empty basketball court, and slowly coaxing myself into rolling, and eventually learning that to skate, you put one foot out digonally, rather than directly in front of you. Yep, I didn’t know how to skate, and all my experience so far had been on quads, those skates with four wheels arranged in a square, and I still can’t skate on those. So I taught myself to skate, using Shadow as an example, on inlines.

After I met my boyfriend, who has a job, I found myself alone at his house because I didn’t have a job and he had to go to work. Without any real access to the internet, my activites four the 8 hours he worked were limited to his Playstation, DirectTV, and anything else I could find to do. So one day I brought my inlines (a different pair than the one’s I learned to skate on) over and on a few different occassions, went skating around the block, but eventually my inlines ended up in his closet, not touched again for a while. I pulled them out last time I came back to my mom’s house, and apart from my sister equipping them and rolling around on the carpet, they still haven’t gotten any use, but I’m thinking it might be fun to start skating again, especially with weather cooling down.

The only thing is, our neighborhood has a few hills that are very, very steep. I mean when you stand at the top, the hill just goes down as far as you can see and eventually turns, still sloping downward. I actually used to skate down it a few years ago, and if I got scared I would just bail into someone’s grass, but a few times I made it down all the way. The hill is so huge and I ended up going so fast, though, that I had to take them off whenever I got to the bottom, because the wheels would be so hot that they were burning my feet.

At any rate, I’ve always liked skating, and I think it’s a fun little thing that adds to my personality. I like books and video games and music, I don’t really seem like an extreme sports kind of person, and while I’m still a ‘fraidy cat who doesn’t particularly like hills, I do enjoy skating. And I feel cool because I always use inlines.

5: You Can Touch My Hair, Undress Me Everywhere

I need new clothes! I need a new haircut! I need to get my eyebrows done! I need new shoes! Basically, I’m a fashion disaster, because I love clothes, and I don’t really have any of the stuff that I love to wear. I love boots and beanies and gloves and all sort of accessories, but I have very few. Oh, and you know that saying about how being gay doubles your wardrobe? It’s true. Though it’s kind of embarassing, I’ve pretty much been wearing the clothes I already had, and my boyfriend’s clothes, for almost two years now. Isn’t that horrible? He buys new clothes, I claim them. He spends so much time working that he’s constantly in uniform, and the only other thing he wears is casual layaround clothes, he rarely gets a real oppurtunity to wear any of his other clothes, so I always wind up wearing them.

So yeah, I need some new clothes. There are a few tee shirts I’ve wanted for a while, but never really ordered, and I need to find a jean size that fits my waist without being too long. Apart from that, I still don’t own a single pair of boots, and that’s just sad because I love boots. They make me feel taller and more confident.

Apart from clothes, I also need to start furnishing my room. My room is a disaster. Even when it’s cleaned. I have a leaning shelf that I keep my books and DVDs and games on that is not only falling apart, but isn’t really made to be a bookshelf. I have a dresser that used to be part of a bedroom suit, but now the dresser is the only thing I still have. My TV is so blurry that you can watch television on it, but playing video games is pretty much out of the question. I have a random shelf with wallpaper attached to the wood that’s peeling up, a huge elctric piano that doesn’t have speakers and so must be plugged into an amplifier, and finally my bed is squeaky  and my bedside table barely has a function other than holding my lamp, my alarm clock, my picture of my boyfriend, and all the water bottles that accumulate.

Oh, and there is one another thing. MY WALLS ARE YELLOW. Yep, yellow. Not some kind of elegant, beautiful yellow, but the color of pee, or the color your hair might turn if it’s naturally very dark and you try dying it blonde. They’re almost orange. To make it worse, when we moved in there were holes and dents in the wall, which were spackled and then painted over. Only, they weren’t painted over with yellow paint, they were painted over with WHITE paint. So my walls are yellow with random splotches of white all over them.

There are also curtain rods, but no curtains. My room is a mess. What I want to do is find a good color to paint the walls and get some good furniture, maybe even throw a couch in there, but I don’t know where to begin. I’m not good with this kind of stuff, nor do I have money, the furniture part will have to come when I get a real paying job, but I think I can afford curtains and furnishings and maybe paint for the walls. A few of those orb thingies here, an oil burner there, some paintings on the walls; my room is workable, I just don’t know exactly what to do with it.

So those are my thoughts today. I believe this Friday 5 feature might actually be a pretty good prompt. Thoughts on my thoughts, anyone?


2 thoughts on “The Number of Limbs on A Starfish

  1. Yay I inspired a five!!! So I do know who the ting tings are. I heard one of their songs today. I had been mistaking them as Kesha.

    I love redecorating!!! I can of paint and some fabric can go along way! I redid my old apartment not that long after I moved in and I lived there four years. You can always look online for ideas or if you go to a hardware store they have samples of paint colors to help you get inspired. I made my own curtains. All you need is to measure your windows, buy some fabric (curtain rods if you don’t have them) and hem them before you hang them so they don’t fray. You can also go to thrift stores and things like that to find prints or art (I’ve perused some sites for prints if you’re interested). Sorry I’m rambling on and on. But woot for decorating.

    • Muahahaha, I can actually see that. From what I can tell about the Ting Tings, they’re just unapolgetically musical. They make what they want, how they want it, and satisfy themselves. They’re very indie and artsy. Katie White kind of sing-talks a bit the way Kesha likes to, but for the record The Ting Tings first album came out two years before Kesha’s.

      Yeah, I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a few things from the thrift store, my mom has practically furnished our house with the thrift, store, our main furniture comes from furniture stores but bookshelves and tables and stuff, we get a lot from there. I actually have really pretty curtain rods, just no curtains. So currently my bed, rug, and lamp (all given to me by my boyfriend at Christmas :)) are black/gray, the carpet is brown, and the walls are yellow with big splotches of white. Nice canvas to work with.

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