Footsteps in a Wet World

Hello everyone out there in blog land! Or google land. Or however you stumbled upon this newly christened sanctuary of positivity. Not that I intend to just blow smoke forever, but this blog needs a decidedly more positive tone. So, in honor of just that, I’m going to share with you a new song I wrote. The music is very foggy in my head, but I’m really excited, I wrote it in a moment of pure creativity, and the words came slowly, and ultimately I’m proud of it. I also finally got some use out of a beautiful soft-bound journal covered in sheet music a friend presented me with for Christmas.

Jesse Colton

Storm, storm
Do you come to comfort me?
To give me space to breathe?
Rain in the wind, cold around my feet
Landing on a leaf
Water, creation

Out in the world in a faraway place
Someone stands barefoot in the grass
Water, creation
When the cold sets in, the wind struggles
The air moves, the Earth breathes
Once we were naked in the grass,
Before we thought we owned this place

But then the storm,
I know you’re scared, you should be
But the storm is bigger than you and I can be
We left the woodlands and built trees of our own
But we forgot who we are

We may be frightened and that is fine
But the grass is dieing beneath our feet
And we think we can rule a place that isn’t ours

Storm, storm, pass over me
But don’t forget to breathe on me
Leave in your wake life, clarity
Feed us with your love
With water, with creation

Come close
Be wet with me
Lay naked in the grass with me

It would make me really happy if you could give me your thoughts on this piece. Did it touch you in any way? If so, what images did it evoke, what thoughts did it bring to mind? Did it help you to come to any conclusions about anything?

For my final thought, a music recommendation! Today’s recommended song is called Stood Up by A Fine Frenzy. Stood Up is from A Fine Frenzy’s second album, Bomb in a Birdcage. I bought this album months ago, but I haven’t really listened to it much, and I haven’t been very receptive to it, but yesterday I finally gave it a good listen and found it very inspiring. A Fine Frenzy is always inspiring when I can catch myself in the right mood to listen, and Alison Sudol in general gives me a very calm, relaxed feeling. Her blog, her twitter posts, her photos, all just have this very natural wooded theme, and A Fine Frenzy definitely helped to inspire yesterday’s piece. Also, the blog’s new tagline comes from the lyrics of Stood Us. And finally, let me know what you think of the blog’s new makeover. A white background for once, I must really be feeling positive!


4 thoughts on “Footsteps in a Wet World

  1. As I’ve mentioned before, this song feels (to me) like you’re talking about human nature and trying to release yourself from inhibitions; that we have tried to conceal our nature and that we need to wash clean of what we have made and return to our more primal self. Be one with nature – be one with human nature. Just my thoughts. I can’t even fully articulate them well enough to suit me – ha!

  2. That’s definitely one large element of what I had in mind, it’s definitely about our connection with nature. The thing that surprises me is that, like so many things that we overlook in society, I don’t think anyone even notices it. It’s just, I’ll hear the storm coming, or I’ll stand out in the grass, or I’ll even bite into a fruit, and I’ll just notice it, this intimate connection human beings have with nature. And I think, “How can people even be satisfied with buildings and cars and computers, when there are mangos and leaves and wet grass?”

    Not that I don’t appreciate the evolution of society, and not that I think we should all necessarily go back to being primal. Just because I write about it doesn’t mean I think it’s the course of action, but the image in my mind when I think about these things is of a pure, utopian society where people no longer have rules. It’s scary in a lot of ways, like the storm, but it just has this feeling like it’s the way nature intended it.

    Of course, my views on everything pretty much conflict themselves: I’m not even an outdoorsy person! I love technology! But losing myself in this thought, a world where everything makes sense, and there is no society to question your every move, it’s freeing.

  3. I really like the song/poem. It’s very introspective. I can relate to it. Plus, I like the aspect of the storms. I find storms to be very calming. I like the new blog layout too. Although, expects say if you want the most positive colors, yellow is the way to go. 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy the poem, I haven’t felt like I’ve written anything with serious substance in a while, I can’t help but be happy with myself, it’s a great feeling to come out of such a place of depression and start feeling creative and positive again.

      Well it’s funny that this layout was just added to WordPress, what with the header being water droplets on grass and all, almost serendipitous. Also, I’ve never written on a white background before, I’ve always chosen black or dark backgrounds because I feel it’s more comfortable, but coming out into this world with a bright white background is very uplifting!

      Sorry, you left me a comment and I’m tooting my own horn. Oh, did you notice you’ve been added in the little side section?

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