A New Direction

Why, it’s that time again! Wow, how refreshing it is to just write. I’ve come to a realization that like myself, my blog must also change, fluctuate, and perhaps go from extreme to extreme. I’d like to get back to the style that I started with, just talking about my life and journalling. Ultimately, when I looked back on this blog I want to see the story of my life, not some pompous criticisim of everything that floats my way. I honestly don’t have very many beliefs that are set in stone, I’m a fluid person, I change, I go from one extreme to another, I’m constantly becoming new.

I want this blog to be a positive place again; not an angry, judgemental corner of the internet where everyone is either heralded as genius or spoken of in scatching, harsh words. People are people, and there are layers to everyone; I believe very little of what I say, I put myself into the part because it’s easier to write when you have a direction.

So, I’m going to try and make this blog a little more like myself. And I’m going to try to be honest. Sometimes I believe one thing very strongly in the moment, but I almost always reevalutate my thoughts and beliefs soon after. This blog needs to be a place of positivty, a place of honesty and truth, and a place that ultimately benefits me: not a body of work, collected in a robotic manner and presented coldly, but a place of warmth and truth and love.

And I think that’s all I’m going to post right now. I want to take a shower and accomplish things and have my day be productive, and that way I can do something in this blog that’s better and uplifting.


2 thoughts on “A New Direction

  1. Congratulations! Finally! We should throw you a party in commemoration of this momentous post! I must admit, I am anxious to see where this blog’s new direction will take you! Good luck!
    William Wilde.

    • Many thanks Will. On the one hand, I did feel that my blog was accomplishing something, because I provided a lot of opinions and had a lot of criticism, which is perhaps more concrete content for the undiscerning reader, but I just remembered yesterday how fun and creative and freeing it was to have this blog when I started it. It was a place of positivity and invention and a calm space. While I’m not ashamed of my previous blog entires, I want to get back to this being a place where I can write about hope, and my activities, instead of being an arbitrary critic blog. There are already enough of those.

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