Boy With The Suggestive Smile

This was inspired by Juan Pablo Di Pace, who can be seen thrusting his hips and smiling dreamily in the music video for Eric Prydz’ Call On Me. It’s wonderfully naughty.

Boy With The Suggestive Smile

He does squat thrusts much faster than I
He’s got a little twinkle in his left eye
I think he knows
He’s pushing himself against the floor
I’m wondering how long he’ll stay down for
He probably wonders

Where I’ll be tomorrow, if I’ll be stopping by
What I’ll be wearing, what I’m saying, how he’ll answer if I
Tell him he’s much prettier than he gives himself credit for
But I think he knows
Oh yes, I think he knows

I made sure he could see me from behind
He might try to sneak into my sideview
I think he wants me
He’s gotta try a little harder than that
I have a few tricks up my sleeve
And I wonder

What he looks like in lamplight or blacklight
If he fits just right, I wonder what he’s thinking
What he’s hiding behind that left eye
But I think he knows
Oh yes, I think he

He knows I’m watching him when he grins that wild smile
Quirky and promiscuous; a lusty crocodile
But I won’t take no for an answer, and I won’t be coy or petty
I’ll wipe that smirk off his face in a shower of confetti
I won’t tell how he tastes at midnight
A serious, silent secret
Boys don’t say what they’re really thinking
‘Cause they’re too scared to think it

Tan, smile, quick fix
Freedom, lapping, ninety-six
Football, summer, seventeen
You do him and he’ll do me

In the future boys will be boys

I think I’ll leave it simmering in the corner of his mind
He knows where to find me if he ever finds the time
Still, that image, curly hair, will never leave my mind
I still think he knows


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