Praise Be To Yevon

Thanks to these glasses, you can't even see my poker face!

My sunglasses have arrived! I won’t lie, they’re about twice the size of my face, but I feel so empowered and confident with them on, not to mention the UV protection is great, it’s like wearing a thick pane of glass over my eyes. And now I finally have some cool sunglasses. I think I’d still also like some sunglasses with colored frames. And when I say colored frames, I don’t mean tinted a certain color, I mean frames that you can see someone’s eyes through if they’re wearing the glasses, that are completely one color, and when you look through which, the entire world turns red/yellow/etc. I’ve had two pairs before, and I’ve scarcely ever seen another pair of them, but I think they could be my trademark thing.

Also, I got volume 3 of Inuyasha today! I now have the first three volumes, and I’m a third of the way through volume 3 now. I have to say, the manga is very interesting, I find it very immersing. Also, I solved my problem regarding large encompassing volumes versus individual volumes, at least when it comes to Inuyasha anyway. Viz only appears to own some of the Inuyasha volumes, while another company owns the rest. That’s why all of the volumes included in the Big Viz editions are flipped in their individual form. Therefore, I can’t get any of the volumes that would appear in a VizBig in an unflipped edition. Also, there are two more Big Viz volumes of Inuyasha available for pre-order that will be released this year.

And I got to take a peek at some of the indivual volumes themselves. I know there at least 49 volumes in the Inuyasha series, and the last 7 or so were in my bookstore, unflipped, and owned by a different manga publisher. But there’s something I didn’t realize about the individual volumes: while the Big Viz editions are not only larger but printed on regular white backgrounds, the individual volumes are printed on brown lower-quality paper. Ew! I think this means I’m going to have to stick with Big Viz editions, as much as I would like to see 49 pretty yellow volumes of the series all in perfect order on my bookshelf one day. I’m still not above getting the individual volumes out of impatience of the new large volumes, especially since the fifth isn’t planned for release until November, and with at least 34 individual volumes left to catalogue into large editions, there would be at least 10 more Big Viz editions to come, and imagine the wait on those!

I think black-haired Inuyasha is cuter.

But back to the actual content of Inuyahsa, because I’m sure this whole small volume vs. big volume thing is really only interesting to me. I’ve seen the anime before, as I said, and I’ve probably seen most of what happens up until the character of Koga is introduced, and after that I’ve only seen some Japanese episodes involving Naraku inside a fortress protected by a miasma, and a few other characters.

While the anime is interesting, there’s a lot of repitition. In at least every other episode, Kagome has to spend five minutes explaining “I fell down a well and ended up here in feudal Japan, where we search for the shards of the Shikon Jewel.” Or at a random moment during the show, Kagome will think something aloud, obviously to catch the viewer up, like “Inuyasha is a half-demon,” or something. In the manga, the catching up is usually done on the first page, and it’s reasonable catching up, not lengthy and aggravating. Where in the anime Kagome would see the well and say “The bone-eaters well. This is the well that brought me here, to feudal Japan, where I met Inuyasha,” in the manga Kagome just says “The bone-eaters well.” It gets the point across without being redundant.

Volume 2, in which we can surmise from the cover that there is a lot of screaming.

I read volume 2 over the beach trip, and the manga seems to be getting more interesting as it goes along. While it didn’t include a direct appearance from my favorite character, Sesshomaru, it did have a really fun battle with the Thunder Brothers, and it brought about Kikyo’s inclusion in the story. Also introduced in these volumes were Miroku, a “Bhuddist monk of questionable morals,” and Naraku, the series’ main villain. As I said, Inuyasha is an immersing read, and I really enjoy it.

They tried to make him a little more masculine in the anime, but I prefer the slightly more effeminate manga Sesshomaru.

I’ve only read the first third of the VizBig Volume 3, which is about my favorite character, Inuyasha’s full-demon brother, who luckily had his arm hacked off a few volumes ago, and through Naraku’s help is able to use a human arm to weild the Inuyasha’s sword, the Tetsusaiga, made from the fang of their father. I can’t say that I understand the way the Tetsusaiga works completely, but it seems that it can only be used by a half-breed. Both the manga and the anime say that it’s power can be used by those who wish to protect humans, but when Inuyasha loses his demonic powers and reverts to being human on the night of the new moon, he’s unable to weild it, which leads me to believe only a half-breed, or one who posesses both the qualities of a demon and a human, can wield it.


In other news, I was playing Final Fantasy XII today, and I’d like to point out something that I find interesting about the religious setting of the game. In the opening scene (spoiler alert? Ah, what do you care, it’s the opening scene), two characters are wed, and the priest/minister/officiator marries them as such:

 “In the name of the Father, and in the presence of these holy relics, I hereby pronounce you man and wife. May the blessings of the gods light your path for all eternity. Fharam.”

Rasler is killed thanks to that brilliantly placed hole in his armor in front of his neck.

Later on in the same scene (spoiler alert again! Last chance to duck out if you haven’t seen the opening scene), the husband is killed in a battle, and the officiator can now be heard speaking at the funeral:

“Blessings of the Great Father descend, and guide your body’s return to the Earth. Great Father guide your spirit’s return to the Mother of All.”

I think I really like Ivaliace’s religion. It seems to be a combination of just about all of humanity’s religions into one.

We have a Father, as in Christianity or any other religions that worship God, a Mother and a mention of the Earth, as in Paganism or any religions that worship the Earth itself, we have a mention of various gods, as worshipped in various ancient civilizations (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, etc.), and even a mention of holy relics, which could be a shoutout to most religions, since most contain some form of relic or another. If only it incorporated ancestor worhsip (which you could take Mother of All to be related to), it’d be perfect! Somehow, one unified religion, combining a Father, a Mother, the Earth, gods, relics, and ancestors just seems like it would work better for today’s world, don’t you think?


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