Katy Perry, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

I’ve just lost so much respect for Katy Perry.
And upon further review, I probably shouldn’t have had any respect for her in the first place.
Let me set the scene for you properly. Lady Gaga premiered her new video for Alejandro, the third single from The Fame Monster. The video is great, it’s about homosexuality, and it represents the struggles the gay community face in so many ways. It’s also about relationships, the admiration Gaga has for the gay community, and a representation of the religious intolerance that homosexuals face constantly.
Katy Perry, apparently, feels that the video is “blasphemy as entertainment.”

Really? Really, Katy Perry?

This coming from the woman whose first single, “Ur So Gay,” was about a metrosexual boyfriend who acted far too feminine for her taste, and whose second single, which solidified her as one of 2008’s top pop acts, I Kissed A Girl, is a peppy anthem about a little innocent pseudo-homosexual flirtation. Which, by the way, never actually happened. Katy Perry never did kiss that girl, she just wrote it about girls kissing girls. Katy Perry makes a career out of appearing to be a brainless pinup model, a modern day Betty Boop. In her more recent career, Katy Perry has appeared in songs with 3Oh!3, a bitchy psuedo-hip hop group, Timbaland, and in her recent single California Gurls, Snoop Dog.

Maybe if I make this porn star face, they'll buy my music!

I haven’t seen the video for California Gurls (ahh, misspelling on purpose, that really shows off that intelligence with which you weigh in on a deeply symbolic music video from a true icon), but I’m told it involves Katy shooting whipped cream from her nipples. And then of course, the whole song is filled with boring, uninspired lyrics about slutty California party girls who want to “melt your popsicle.”

Katy Perry is also engaged to Russell Brand, a pretty foul-mouthed comedian, with whom she posts lots of fart jokes on her twitter. And THIS is the woman who is going to call Gaga’s new video “blasphemy?”


Look Katy, someone's using sex to EXPRESS A MESSAGE!

If you haven’t seen the video for Alejandro, go watch it. It’s not particularly my favorite Lady Gaga song, but the video is well done, and it’s full of religious and social symbolism. Katy Perry is a run-of-the-mill pop artist whose career may last a couple more years at most (obviously it isn’t doing too well now, she’s been whoring herself out for guest appearances and collaborations with anyone who she thinks might be the next big thing), whereas Lady Gaga is truly a pop genius, and truly an icon.

"Oh dear, look at this surprised expression on my face! I'm too dumb and brainless to do anything other than ride a giant girly tube of chapstick, I'm just a woman after all, tee hee!"

Where Katy Perry represents the negative steretypical view of women being brainless, air-headed, and size-zero thin, Gaga fights stereotypes, she represents the beauty of androgeny, she embraces the human spirit, showcases the good elements of humanity and represents the evil of religion. Where Katy Perry releases bland songs with all-too-expected pop lyrics about sex and money with no real underlying message, Gaga makes music that’s about something, Gaga writes about her love for her fans and her hatred of fame and money. Where Katy Perry parades around on stage in a tiny bikini singing at the top of her lungs (horribly, I might add) surrounded by giant blowup tubes of lipstick, Gaga creates a true art presentation and both tackles her own personal fears and tells her fans how much she loves them every chance she can.

Are they jacking off to my picture yet? This will sell records for sure!

 Where Katy Perry is obviously terribly indoctrinated (go and look up her first album, a Christian Rock album under her real name, Katy Hudson), Lady Gaga fights stereotypes, breaks boundaries, and celebrates the freedoms of expression and love that all human beings are entitled to. Where Katy Perry goes with whatever pop trend she thinks will get a quick listen from people, Lady Gaga fights convention and presents music and performances that are far beyond her time. Where Katy Perry makes music for the dull, brainless masses, Lady Gaga makes music specifically for her fans.

Where Katy Perry releases one album and then goes on a two year hiatus, Lady Gaga released her first album and had written her second within a year, and after the release of her second album completely wrote and recorded her third within 7 months. Where Katy Perry goes off the grid after releasing one CD, Lady Gaga has been touring nonstop since her career began, beginning the Monster Ball once the Fame Ball was over, and adding over a year of tour dates. Where Katy Perry wears and does whatever pop culture might like to see, Gaga and her team invent the video glasses, the disco stick, the sparking bra. Where Katy Perry behaves like a media whore, writhing and flirtatious, Lady Gaga rarely ever wears pants and still shows class at all times. Katy Perry is a questionably talented, brainless pinup girl, and Lady Gaga is a true lady, with dignity, class, and vision.

In short, Katy Perry is not fit to lick Lady Gaga’s gorgeous fashionable boots. She has no right to criticize a video that is so obviously about the struggle of the people who made her famous! I wonder how many striaght men there are who are massive fans of Katy Perry. Now let’s see how many gay men support her. Face it: gay people make pop culture. All the true greats have always been gay icons. I’d watch how I talk about the people who put food on my table, Katy Perry.

Someone's completely naked for a REASON! It's almost as if she's expressing something! But of course, women are too brainless to have opinions to express, right Katy?

Lady Gaga is brave enough to challenge the religious organization and defend not just one group of people but all of those who love her and who support her. The devotion of her fans is a blessing to Lady Gaga that she would never give up, and that she counts herself blessed to have. Katy Perry presents herself as a ditsy, brainless, female stereotype, and apparently now an oppresive religious mouthpiece.

It’s just really ironic and stupid that she would have anything negative to say about someone who’s far better in every way than she is. And one more thing: declining intolerance for freedom and self-respect is not blasphemy. As usual, another indoctrinated tool of the Christian organization rejects self-expression to keep the power of their organization intact, so that they continue manipulating the masses.

Katy Perry is just solidifying Gaga’s point: there is no religion that doesn’t condemn some group of people.


2 thoughts on “Katy Perry, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself

  1. Katy Perry is lately kind of looking like Smurfette. You know, the whorey lone female smurf surrounded by all those men. And yes, Lady Gaga may have strange outfits and have avante garde videos, but no one can deny the fact that she does have class.

    • I can’t believe you said that! I didn’t include this, but Katy Perry is playing Smurfette in an upcoming live action film of The Smurfs! Thank you for proving my point.

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