New Poem: Sin

[“The teachings are a false tradition that should be thrown away.”]
Oh, please, don’t let me stand in your way
I might make you spill your beer
Or perhaps you’d run me down with your four wheeler
On Superbowl Sunday
Of course, of course, I’d never question you
And your exalted ways
For you know all, my enlightened
Drunken friend
I fall in disbelief of all that I’ve done
How could I have fought against your word, so righteous and true?
Your teachings strike a chord in me
And so subvert reality
So I can be programmed to obey
Dance on, dance on
This masquerade is just starting to get interesting
Will your rise to power come?
The Antichrist is all this organization’s followers
The end of the world will come when they’ve achieved religious reign
[“Poor child. It is better for you to die in hope than to live and suffer in despair.”]
Wicked humans, damnable humans,
Fall before the might of almighty God!
And that’s me, the minister of his word
For you are low and fallen
And you will all repent as I say to
And salvation my find fit to save you
And we will be together in the banquet in the sky and laugh and sing and know that all of those we hate
Burn, in, hell
Mothers don’t matter when we face the good lord
Love falls prey to law
Mercy is spared, because I changed my mind about who is worthy
It’s really just myself
Human nature finds its truest form
In a religion where it claims to ascend from piety
Human nature wins over faith and repentance
It brings some to power, and we’ve seen their malice
And to the others it just lingers and eats away from the inside out
Human nature burns wives and children on pyres
Human nature kills men who love one another
Human nature sends boys to die in battle
Because someone stole your toy and wouldn’t give it back
[“Now is the time to shape your stories.”]
In summation
Your gods are all creations
And not you theirs
And you will die at the hands of your creations
Unless you accept that they’re useless, and only eat away the world
Be free, believe in yourself
Believe in life
And believe for once that something good can happen without waiting for a bolt of lightning to kill the people you don’t understand
And GOD! For once, believe in someone else for a change
Believe in anyone, anything, that’s real
[“I dont know when it will be but someday, I will conquer it. And I will do it without false hope.”]

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