#11: Bridges in the Air

Bridges in the Air

I remember quiet nights, picking away at keys
Did you listen quietly, attentive and resigned?
You endured the sounds repeating, echoed in your mind
Together in the living room, you were always there
Late at night I’d hear the front door, as you stepped out for air
Monsters in a silent house, but you protected me
I could turn the lights out and fall asleep in peace

We would walk the moonlit streets, the highway by our house
Talking of the things we loved, and things we lived without
I lay gasping on the couch as you sat idly
I would fight you tooth and nail, but you weren’t the enemy
You refused to show me all the things that I showed you
Love, my brother, you’d say but only half of it was true
On a cold December night you hugged me by the fence
Packed your stuff and drove away, I haven’t seen you since

Do you think of trees and tracks, of bridges in the air?
And do you think about the past, the boy with golden hair?
We were always just alike, the same in every way
Please believe I understand why you couldn’t stay

A song about my brother, written to the melody of The Hush Sound’s You Are The Moon. 🙂


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