This Is Me Rolling My Eyes At Myself

Oh boy, what an overdramatic last blog that was, huh? I apologize to the author should they ever read it, that was an example of me just being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic, even though it gets pretty good toward the end of it, but alas, I avoid negativity, it just hurts the feelings of everyone involved, and being negative without much of a message is pointless and detrimental to things in general.

So, I have finally beaten Final Fantasy X, and boy was it ever a victory. If you’re not familiar with Final Fantasy X, I will say this: I’ve been playing this game since maybe the time I was 13 or so, always starting over when I get near the end of the game because of some discrepancy I made or because I want to use a different party member in my main party (even though I always end up with the same three), but this time I chose to stick with it, and I finally broke down and looked at some internet strategy guides. I didn’t do this because I didn’t know how to beat the game, I just knew that there are all these secret ultra powerful weapons and abilities that I’d never gotten before. And this time, I got them. And WOW. To put it into perspective, the maximum damage you can do with one attack is 9,999 damage, and accomplishing that is tricky (though this was the first time I figured out how to make the level up system work in my favor to boost my strenght way up), but the final boss has altogether about 180,000 HP or so.

There are these things in the game called Celestial Weapons that allow you to “break the damage limit” and do more than 9,999 damage. This didn’t seem very important to me since my characters rarely even do max damage anyway, but this time they got strong enough, and I went through the painstaking endeavor of collecting their Celestial Weapons and powering them up. I literally defeated the final boss in maybe 3 or 4 turns, and some of that was just for show. When I attack, I do about 20,000 damage or more, and when I use the most powerful summon creatures, they’re capable of doing MAX max damage, 99,999. If you’re not a fan of the Final Fantasy series, or fantasy games in general, this probably is very boring to you, and I don’t blame you, if I wasn’t familiar with it I’d probably find it boring too, but trust me, it’s unbelievable how powerful you can become in this game. Oh yes, and to get one of those Celestial Weapons (a sword called the Caladbolg, yeah, nobody can pronounce that), you have to complete this awful mini-game involving racing an uncontrollable ostrich-like creature across an open field collecting balloons and avoiding a flock of seagulls.

We’ve been watching a lot of Stephen King movies (or rather, movies based on Stephen King’s work) of late, and as I am a fan of happy movies, you can imagine what an experience this is for me. Although the movies are pretty good, I just dislike stressful things. Yesterday we watched the three-part miniseries of The Shining, which was scary but at many points made me laugh histerically. Because the series is somewhat old, a lot of it would be considered very overdramatic by today’s standards, and that’s why the awful things that happen in the movie are kind of funny. Within the first episode of the series, the father breaks his sons arm, knocks his head into a toilet, and puts a hive of wasps in his room that swarm him. There’s also this guy in a wolf mask that likes to pop up and scare the crap out of me, but it’s not chilling or horrifying for the most part, a lot of it is pretty umorous. You’d have to see it. Oh yes, and there are evil hedges shaped like animals. There are moments in the movie where it switches between action with the main villains, and action with the hedge animals, and I considered the hedge animal scenes to be the comic relief, because really, I just can’t take hedge animals seriously. I get why they’re scary, but the movie just isn’t new enough to really strike me with it. I won’t give away the ending, but it felt very Power Rangers to me, it was like the ending of a children’s action show at this one certain part. I don’t mean to be so negative about this movie, but joking about scary movies is kind of how I get through them, because I do not handle scary movies particularly well.

Yesterday I got to stop by Best Buy, and to be honest I didn’t see anything that really struck me. Did you know that almost no stores have Will and Grace on DVD anymore? Seriously, I was lucky enough to find a Walmart that had seasons 1 and 2 and seasons 3 and 4 respectively in double-packs, but other than that I never see Will and Grace in any stores. Since I bought us dinner the other night, by boyfriend said he’d buy me a CD or something on the internet (he knows about my unhealthy obsession with CD’s, I have quite a few of them), and I was going to get the Japanese edition of A Fine Frenzy’s One Cell In The Sea, which has two bonus tracks on it, and my new favorite cover art for the album, but I decided on a season of Will and Grace, it has this hilarious episode in it that features Karen thinking she’s being stalked, and running to the window, ripping her blouse open, and screaming “Is this what you want!?” It’s hilarious.

So yes, as to Best Buy, I settled on A Fine Frenzy’s newest album, Bomb In A Birdcage. At first listen, I thought the album just wasn’t quite my cup of tea, but today I’ve had the song Blow Away stuck in my head, so I think I may grow to quite like it. Besides, I always have to hear an album a few times before I really start to like it. I had a pretty large maybe pile including Alanis Morissette’s Flavors of Entaglement, which I am still giving the benefit of the doubt and assume it might be pretty good, the Avatar soundtrack, and Pink’s Funhouse Tour CD/DVD.

I’ve just read the introduction to Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden, and already I’m immersed in it. I have a feeling this book is going to be very good.

Well that’s about all that I have to blog about for the moment, I just had to have something gentle and nice on the front page rather than that huge rant about what is probably a perfectly good parenting guide. Let’s all have a blessed and wonderful day! 🙂


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