Ellipse and Inspiration

Time for another! Many things to talk about today, new developments in all areas.

I suppose since I am currently listening to music I’ll begin with the musical news; it seems I talk mostly about music here. I’m currently listening to Ellipse, as I have been all day. I finally got a ride to Best Buy, and I had a stack of CD’s I wanted to get, but luckily I cut it down to two and just bought two Imogen Heap albums, Speak For Yourself and Ellipse.

I bought the two-disc edition of Ellipse, which is beautifully made and comes in hardback case with a 26 page booklet. The booklet does something very much like I’ve always wanted to do with my album one day, every two pages are dedicated to a single song with a picture on one side and the lyrics on the other. There’s this bright line that goes through and connects all of the songs, and at the end of the album the line ends by blinking out in Imogen’s hand, it’s very pretty, and there are some great pictures. To make things better, the inside covers have leaf patterns inlaid into them, as do the discs. Altogether, the album is beautifully put together, and the music is very unique, it’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. You have to hear it a few times for it to begin to sink in; I like listening to the instrumental versions of the songs first and then listening to the version with vocals, as the first disc is the album and the second disc is the album in instrumental form with no vocals. The album just has this happy and creative energy about it, it made me feel very inspired and joyful. Not to imply that all of the songs are lighthearted, many aren’t, in fact my favorite song of the album is rather sad, but I always like tear-jerkers. It’s called Half Life, and it’s beautiful. The album is very diverse, from a dramatic orchestral and nearly scary piece featuring a toy piano and plenty of cello’s (along with Imogen soaring overhead with haunting high notes) in Aha!, to a piece of improv piano backed by the sounds of a fire crackling in The Fire, to the mostly acapella Earth, to the mysterious 2-1, it’s a very full album, and very inspirational. First Train Home seemed to inspire me the most, as it was the song playing through my mind the most as I wrote a new song today, but we’ll get to that later.

I also got to hear the final three tracks of Speak For Yourself (I had the first nine from a burned CD), and as is the case with Ellipse, the final track is my favorite, called The Moment I Said It. Very sad and emotional, with yelling and smashing and an intense piano ending.

Since my last entry, I’ve written two songs, and I must say I’m rather proud of myself. The first song is called Lust (title subject to change), and it’s about exactly that. Some of the verses are a bit explicit, so it needs to be edited a bit if it ever makes it as a song. I wrote it aloud by recording myself singing it into my MP3 player. The melody is very sporadic since I was singing it as it came, and there about six or seven verses.

The second song, I wrote today, and it’s a wonderful song about hope, peace, love, and joy, the four things I associate with God. The song is about two things: God, and my boyfriend.It’s about finally realizing how much I love them both, and giving them both a chance in my life and really loving them as much as they love me. It’s a wonderful feeling, and writing the song really helped me to come to the realizations told in it. I also recorded a bit of piano at the end which inspired a coulpe more lyrics, and altogether this has been a wonderful day thanks to my boyfriend, God, my new song, and Ellipse.

I will end today’s entry on these happy notes and enjoy the rest of my night, and I apologize for how badly written this entry is. I can’t pinpoint what it is, maybe it’s that I’m tired, but the paragraphs are just not flowing like they usually do.

Oh yes, we’ve finished our move, and I’m loving our new home. Everything feels refreshed, new, and wonderful.

So, have a blessed and wonderful day everyone, and if there’s a special someone in your life, I urge to go to them and tell them how much you love them.


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