Ah, Wonderful Music

I am currently jamming out to various amazing tracks. The one playing right now is a new one for me, Headlock by Imogen Heap. Listen to it a few times, it gets better and better until it’s like flowing out of your heart. Maybe that’s melodramatic, but it’s wonderful. Also enjoying a couple old favorites: Mama by My Chemical Romance, one of their very nice ones, and a beautiful and tragic song I’d forgotten I love so much, In Your Apartment by Charlotte Sometime. They all offer something different, and they’re wonderful.

So I have some exciting news. Well, it’s not anything out of the way, but I got a message in my MySpace Music inbox from this indie label that I gather is not actually a label yet, and they want people to make accounts on their websites and advertise. It could be nothing in the long run, but hey, it’s something. That sounds contradictory, but it’s not.

Well nothing much else to report except that I helped clean the new house today on four hours of sleep. So here are some music suggestions for today:

Headlock – Imogen Heap

Aha! – Imogen Heap

In Your Apartment – Charlotte Sometimes

Mama – My Chemical Romance

Let Go – Frou Frou


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