Discoveries, Inspiration, and a Refreshed New Outlook

Over the past few days my life has changed a lot and I can’t precisely describe how, but it’s wonderful and I’m so happy that it has. It began with a song, and I wonder just how many time in the course of human history change has begun with a song.

The song is called Hide and Seek, and it is a gorgeous piece by Imogen Heap, a genre-less UK singer/songwriter/musician/producer who I discovered shortly after hearing the song. I was scared at first, because the “middle eighth” of the song is sampled in a Jason Derulo song that horribly desecrates this incredible piece of music (not only does he have the audacity to alter the pitch and rap over it, but to add insult to injury he sings ON TOP of the melody). I thought that perhaps this was a local artist who’d done this and simply added more to the song, but I was pleased to learn that it was Imogen Heap, whose presence I was aware of, and I recognized her voice, but I didn’t know it was her yet. I have since investigated and found that Imogen is a pretty awesome person, she has a series of 40 vBlog entries on YouTube, and she’s just so fun to watch. A very bubbly, down-to-Earth, friendly personality. As for her music, I’ve only heard a bit so far, and from what I can tell she’s very unique, and I like that. Particularly since she can make an instrument out of absolutely anything that makes a sound.

Back to the story, I heard Hide and Seek, and it took a few times before it really began to seep into me. The beautiful harmonies and raw emotion of the song are overpowering, and after listening to it a few times I really began to fall completely in love with it. So, very early in the morning (because I had not yet gone to sleep the night before), I was inspired to write a poem, and I actually got two from it, they are related I consider them sort of companion pieces. But these two poems were very intense for me to write, and perhaps not for the first time in my life, but the first time in a while, I pulled the poem out of my soul. It gave me a feeling of resolution of some things in the past, a feeling of hope, and perhaps that’s why I feel so rejuvenated.

I spent the weekend with my boyfriend, Nathan, and he is feeling a little under the weather, so I tried to take care of him best I could. His father and I made a trip to Wal-Mart and at Nathan’s request I picked him up some cold medicine and cough drops along with some things I got him with a gift card he got for Christmas. The best moment of the weekend was when I cried in front of him, which I haven’t done in a long time, and it felt wonderful and freeing and we had such a nice romantic perfect moment. I look forward to plenty more of those in the future.

With the discovery of Imogen Heap, I have really reevaluated myself as a musician and I am pleased to announce that I feel musically reborn. So I think I’m going to perhaps put a couple finishing touches on all my old stuff and try to record an EP, really just to have a record of my old songs so they won’t be forgotten and so I can move forward musically.

I recently quit my job at Subway and I’m sure that’s had no small part in this new rejuvenated outlook of mine. When I was still working there, however, perhaps a few weeks ago, someone came in with this big painting of a rose in his hand and tried to sell it to us, but I really liked the picture and wanted to get it eventually. He gave me his information and even told me he’d give me a discount, but I felt like I’d been flirting with him or liked him or some such (my mind has been working like that for quite a while, always searching for infidelity), so out of guilt I threw the information away. However I remembered the website and after a brief googling figured out the spelling and found it: The painting of the rose is there, along with tons of companion pieces, which I have to say is both awesome and pretty smart, because I find art with companion pieces to be very attractive as far as buying them goes. Anyway there was some pretty cool art there, I’d suggest going and checking it out. And I’m sure they can make more prints of each piece, but if they only have one of each, don’t buy the roses!

And right before I came here to write this entry, I discovered Stephanie Valentin. Well, I’d actually already seen her do some digital art of Lady Gaga and so I searched around and found it again, and it led me to her website. From what I can tell she’s also a musician, and I think it sounds pretty good from what I’ve heard of it, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

So, it’s 4:00 in the morning and I need to get some sleep so that I can help clean up the house we’ll be moving into soon, but my mind is too filled with thoughts of music, paintings, and hanging them in the house I hope someday to own with Nathan. So goodnight everyone out there in WordPress world, I hope you all have a wonderful coming day, and I recommend checking out the above mentioned artists to see if you find them as unique as I do.

Imogen Heap –

Art Guyz –

Stephanie Vantin –

EDIT: Oh, I forgot to tell you guys about! I learned about it from one of Imogen Heap’s vBlogs, it’s this website with all kinds of handmade stuff. Search for Lady Gaga or Imogen Heap, you’ll find cool accessories and stuff. Also, if you haven’t before, check out the song Beautiful, Dirty, Rich by Lady Gaga and the music video. I find it pretty cool and unique.

Etsy –

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